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Buffy the Vampire Slayer.• Why is she so hot? Find out in our 14-page guide to the phenomenon of a disposable film that really kicked ass to become essential TV viewing. We think it could be the best thing since The X-Files. Includes six character profiles and truckloads of cool dialogue.

Earth: Final Conflict• Can billionaire Jonathan Doors save the world? David Hemblen on going underground to lead resistance to the Taelons.

The X-Files • Season Five - the whole truth of the 20 episodes leading into the movie in our story-by-story review.

Millennium • A complete seven-page overview of the heavily revamped Season Two.

Ally McBeal • Our first look at the acclaimed world of the strange woman with surreal fantasies, through the eyes of David E Kelley, her series' creator.

Halloween: H20 • Adam Arkin and Josh Hacknett on the Halloween anniversary movie. Plus our guide to the film series so far...

Hot new shows previewed for Fall - including debutants Brimstone, Charmed, Mercy Point, Seven Days and Cupid.

Plus, in this 84-page Special Avengers FX • Profiler • Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan) on his Highlander yearsRoma Downey on Touched by an Angel

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