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The X-Files
Fight the Future! Or, maybe just look into the future as we preview the X-Files movie. Plus: David Duchovny on taking dinner with Téa (Leoni); Gillian Anderson talks about Scully's troubled life; X-Files creator Chris Carter reveals how reading magazines shaped his future; and, just in case you've been abducted and off the planet for the last five years, we've got a beginner's guide to The X-Files

Deep Impact
Is this the way the world ends, hit by a comet? Director Mimi Leder discusses how to inject genuine emotion into a big budget blockbuster.

Earth: Final Conflict
One year ago it came to television screens… And was an instant hit. We take an in-depth look at Season One of Gene Roddenberry's epic saga. Plus actor Von Flores discusses playing the man we love to hate, Sandoval.

Alien Abduction
The mysterious case of Betty and Barney Hill who claim they were taken by aliens.

Plus Poltergeist: The Legacy • will a meteorite or comet make Mankind extinct? • more X-Files coverage • for further information on The X-Files film Fight the Future, go to http://www.fightthefuture.com.

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