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Issue #82 • ships from Dec 8 2003
News-stand Price UK £3.99 / US $6.99

The Lord of the Rings

The King has returned, and conquered at the box office. We mark the release of the most eagerly awaited movie of all-time with 16-pages of exclusive coverage

• The accidental king, Viggo Mortensen reveals how he’s grown over the three years he’s spent playing the role, and explains why he’s not going to rein in his own opinions because of criticism.

• The actor who’s likely to win an Oscar without even showing his face, Andy Serkis , reflects on portraying Gollum’s divided personality.

• From print to screen – our ongoing history of the saga comes up to date as we chronicle the crucial coincidences that allowed Peter Jackson to bring the dream to life


Future troubleCharmed
• New Whitelighter Chris is scheming behind the backs of the Charmed Ones. So is this representative of future magic good or bad? Actor Drew Fuller drops a few hints…

Tru-u-u-u-uTru Calling
• Lindsay’s the sort of girl who just wants to have fun – and help her friend Tru cope with the stress of talking to dead people. Star AJ Cook reflects on her latest encounter with the forces of Death.

Harry ancestorAncestors of Harry Potter
• There hasn’t been a new Potter book for six months, and it’s a year since the last film. So we’ve been killing time by taking a look at the wizard’s literary forebears...


10 Things You Never Knew About…
• Orlando Bloom, Elven archer and pirate-hunter.

  • At the cinema, The Matrix Revolutions, Elf and The Haunted Mansion. On the small screen, there’s a new season of Jeremiah, new shows including Joan of Arcadia and Carnivàle, and the latest episodes of Angel, Alias and Charmed.
Coming Attractions
  • Ben Affleck looks forward to a big Paycheck, and Peter Pan is flying in to vanquish Hook (the captain, not the film).
In the News
  • Christopher Lee gets left on the cutting room floor, the Charmed Ones sign up for seven, and the Hitch Hikers Guide returns.

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, BBCtv

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2003. Not for reproduction

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