Revere Jordan: Traci Lords

For the upcoming third season of First Wave, Cade Foster has a new follower: Jordan Radcliffe.

Thomasina Gibson met Traci Lords to discover if she was friend or foe...

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Excerpts selected from Xposé #49

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Whilst it may have looked as though the lovely Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence) was battling against beasties from another planet with only trusty Crazy Eddie and the suspiciously friendly Joshua as running mates, all was not as it seemed. For deep underground (metaphorically and physically) another nation – the Raven Nation – was building strength and stamina to fight the good fight.

Led by Jordan Radcliffe, played by the inimitable Traci Lords, this secret army is set to even the odds against the Gua in the third season of Chris Brancato’s television triumph, First Wave. Delighted to be in such a position, Lords explains what a nice girl like her is doing with a group of guys like them.

“Actually, they were looking for a female lead, which is the first time they’ve ever done that in the show, and I came in in the last bunch. Till that point there had been many women guesting on the show but they’d never had a serious female regular character. Having made that decision, the producers began looking in New York, Los Angeles and all over Canada for someone to create the role.

"Coincidentally, I had decided that it was time for me to look at doing a television series and I talked to a few people, heard about the First Wave project and had an audition. Lucky for me executive producers Larry Sugar and Chris Brancato and I hit it off immediately.”

A second blessing came when Lords realized that the role of Jordan could have been written with her in mind. “I responded to the material right away. I felt as if someone had been hiding under my bed writing it. Straight off I identified with Jordan’s pain and her passion.”

Admitting that her character is, “very, very dark in the first episode,” Lords adds, “Jordan is someone who shoots first and asks questions later. She’s someone who is really angry at the entire world and has absolutely no patience or sympathy for the Gua or aliens. She’s basically had her life destroyed by them and is not about to forgive or forget.” Aggressive tendencies aside, Lords also acknowledges the character’s softer side – “There is a flip side to Jordan. She’s not an evil person, more someone that’s incredibly wounded..."

A pistol-packing momma with a vengeance, the character’s distinctive, no-nonsense attitude is certain to shake the place up a bit. “Jordan is one determined woman!” exclaims Lords. “We are so alike in that respect.”

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