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  • • Looking for a safe and convenient way of buying our publications? This page gives you access to our two online stores within VI DIRECT.
  • •Please note we now have one store exclusively for US customers, and one for those in the UK and elsewhere in the world. All our products, including binders, subscriptions, videos and other merchandise, are now available in both stores.
  • • Once inside your chosen store, just click on the magazine section you're interested in and browse away. Or use our search facility to track down the material you want.
  • •You can select any new or back issues, or subscribe to any of our current magazines. You can also order binders and other merchandise.
  • • Your order comes directly to us, and you won't need to use stamps or envelopes. You can even pre-order individual issues up to three months ahead of publication.

We take VISA and Mastercard for on-line and mail order payments.
Please see the stores' info sections for alternative methods of payment

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We're committed to making this service as effective as possible. We'd really like to know what you think of it. Please send any comments to [email protected]. We also want to hear from you if you have any problems with the ordering process.

ar from you if you have any problems with the ordering process.