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Xposé Special #29, Magic Books 2005 Xposé Special #29, Magic Books 2005
(Reference #XS29)

With Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince flying off the shelves, we take a look at some of the best and brightest Fantasy on the page, the TV and the silver screen…

Fantasy Authors!
We talk to the people behind the current resurgence in Fantasy fiction, from veteran authors to exciting new voices…
• Bestselling author James Patterson talks about making the change to to children’s Fantasy with The Angel Experiment
• The author of Tales of Einarinn Juliet E McKenna looks at how JRR Tolkien’s legacy has informed modern Fantasy literature
• New author Francis Hardinge discusses her book Fly by Night
• Actor-turned-author Ian Ogilvy is proving that cleanliness is next to Godliness with his series of children’s books

Fantasy Books!
We take a look at the Potter phenomenon, and the Fantasy novels lining up for a shot at JK Rowling’s crown …
The Books of Roald Dahl – A look back at the work of the master of macabre children’s fiction…
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – The rights to Susanna Clarke’s début novel have been snapped up by New Line Cinema – but how will they translate a 782-page brick of a book to the screen?
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events – Why hasn’t it turned into a film series to match Harry Potter?
The Chronicles of Narnia – Will the seven-book saga match the success of his contemporary JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings?
His Dark Materials – Has work on the film adaptations stalled, if so, why?

Fantasy Films!
It’s a blockbuster season of witches, wizards, dream-worlds and the walking dead on the silver screen. We talk to…
• Visionary director Tim Burton chats to us about turning Johnny Depp into a puppet for his upcoming Corpse Bride, and why he’s chosen to adapt Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
• Writer Neil Gaiman talks about his upcoming move to the big screen with Fantasy film MirrorMask, and his future film projects
• Star Nicole Kidman discusses her role in the rather confusing film version of classic TV series Bewitched
•: Don't forget there’s the blockbuster film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire due out in a few short months. We investigate…

Fantasy TV!
Fantasy films may be dominating the cinema, but the small-screen continues to nurture a number of classic Supernatural series…
• Star Dorian Gregory and executive producer Brad Kern discuss the successful seventh season of the hit Fantasy show Charmed , and look ahead to its final year…
• What does The Dead Zone have in store for character Sarah Bannerman? We asked star Nicole de Boer.


Fall Movie Preview
We take a look at the films that’ll be packing audiences in this autumn, including Harry Potter, MirrorMask and King Kong
10 Things You Didn’t Know About…
Screen veteran Michael Caine

And more…

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Xposé Special #28, Charmed 2005 Xposé Special #28, Charmed 2005
(Reference #XS28)

Time to cast an inspection spell at seven successful seasons and 150 episodes of the hit Fantasy show Charmed, featuring interviews with the cast and crew!
In this 100-page Special issue, we present…

• Star Holly Marie Combs talks to us about juggles parenting, animal husbandry and starring as the eldest of the Halliwell sisters
• Executive producer E Duke Vincent shares his thoughts on overseeing seven seasons and reaching the milestone of 150 episodes
• Directors Jon Paré and Jim Conway chat about their experiences on the series
• After seven years of playing Mr Nice Guy, actor Brian Krause is relishing the chance to take his character Leo Wyatt into darker territory…
• Detective Darryl Morris finds himself in an uncomfortable position after seven years, actor Dorian Gregory explains
• Star Rose McGowan looks back at four years of playing the fourth Halliwell sister
• Executive producer Brad Kern chats about making the show’s seventh season the best yet
• We present our rundown of the top 25 episodes that make Charmed the magical series that it is…

Alias Carl Lumbly chats to us about getting Agent Dixon away from his desk job and back in the field
Hercules There’s a darker side to the legend which a new mini-series is bringing to light. We talk to the producers and the star-studded cast, including The Lord of the Rings‘ Sean Astin and former 007 Timothy Dalton…
Veronica Mars Enrico Colantoni has turned his hand to sleuthing in the town of Neptune, as PI Keith Mars
Lost Star Maggie Grace chats about her role as spoiled rich girl Shannon
The Jacket A military veteran who believes he’s able to predict the Future suffers visions of his death. Oscar-winner Adrien Brody explains what attracted him to this unusual character… and spills the beans on his role in Peter Jackson’s King Kong

Movies 2005 Preview We take a look at the must-see movies of this summer, including Tim Burton’s re-imagining of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the final Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith

And finally…
Old Fool’s Almanac What shows might be brought back for a ‘Next Generation’ run? Our resident mad seer looks into the Future and reveals all…

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Xposé Special #27, Yearbook Xposé Special #27, Yearbook
(Reference #XS27)

We take a look back at a year of top Fantasy film and TV, alongside some hints of things to come, in our feature-packed 2004/2005 Yearbook

In this 100-page Special we present…

The Lord of the Rings We talk to two of the stars who’ve benefited from the extra DVD screen time – Bernard Hill, King Théoden, and John Noble, who plays the troubled Steward of Gondor, Denethor
Angel in 2004 We take a look back at the series’ final season – with a little help from Wesley’s diaries – and ask: where do we go from here?
Highlights of the Year Our run-through of the top 25 movies and TV shows of 2004 – but which one will take the coveted top spot?
Charmed New addition to the cast Kerr Smith explains how his character, FBI Agent Kyle Brody, has become involved in the mixed-up world of the Halliwell sisters.
Actor Joel Swetow talks about the return of the Avatar leader, Alpha…
Tru Calling Star Eliza Dushku talks to us about what might have been
Dead Like Me Jasmine Guy’s rebellious reaper Roxy has gone up in the world,promoted from traffic warden to policewoman. The actress talks to us about the possibilities that the career switch has opened up for her character
Earthsea X-Men star Shawn Ashmore talks about his role as the young wizard Ged in the new mini-series adapted from Ursula K Le Guin’s classic Fantasy novels
Harry Potter We take a look back at what Harry’s been up to in 2004, including all the latest on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the Goblet of Fire movie
White Noise Director Geoffrey Sax explores the supernatural phenomenon of Electronic Voice Communication in his new big-screen thriller
Blade: Trinity Ryan Reynolds on his gruelling transformation from funnyman to Vampire slayer Hannibal King for the action sequel

Movies 2005 Preview What’ll chart, and what will flop? We take a look at the must-see movies of 2006, including Batman Begins and the final Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith

And finally…
Old Fool’s Almanac It’s payback time for Melissa Joan Hart, as we take our usual offbeat look at what’s to come in 2005…

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Xposé Special #26, Adios Angel 2004 Xposé Special #26, Adios Angel 2004
(Reference #XS26)

Welcome to our 88-page Special edition with…

The hit Vampire series might be gone, but it’s certainly not forgotten. We present a comprehensive retrospective of the show’s five years on air…
Redemption We examine how Angel’s characters have changed and developed over the course of the series
Top 25 Our run-down of the best of the best – the top 25 episodes
Juliet Landau The Buffy and Angel actress talks about her time playing the utterly fruitloop Vampire Drusilla…
Jonathan Woodward Joss Whedon seems to be in the habit of casting Jonathan Woodward in his series, and then killing off his characters. The actor tells us about his demises in Buffy, Angel and Firefly.
Sarah Thompson The actress chats to us about portraying the duplicitous Wolfram & hart employee Eve, and tells us what she’s been up to since the series wrapped.
Jenny Mollen As Werewolf love interest Nina, Jenny Mollen has been hosed down, acted opposite a Muppet and been harassed by James-Marsters-obsessed Angel fans. She tells us all about it…
Steven S DeKnight The writer/director chats with us about fight scenes, Submarines for Dummies and why he had a hell of a time directing ghosts…


The Dead Zone Sarah Wynter talks about playing the newest addition to the spooky paranormal series, psychologist Rebecca Caldwell
Alias Executive producer Jesse Alexander tells us what twists and turns we can expect to see in the forthcoming Season Four.
Charmed Costume designer Eilish has been responsible for all of the wild and wacky creations sported by the Halliwell sisters.
Dead Like Me We chat to star Ellen Muth and executive producer Steve Beers about the second season
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Producers Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe and David Heyman talk to us about their experiences on Azkaban, and look ahead to the fourth film, The Goblet of Fire.

Thunderbirds Director Jonathan Frakes reveals the secrets behind the live-action adaptation of the classic puppet series

Summer Movies Preview
It’s going to be a packed summer at the movie theaters… but what’ll chart, and what will flop? We unleash our fiery critical gaze on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Village, Hellboy, The Incredibles, Finding Neverland, A Sound of Thunder and Alien vs Predator.

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Xposé Special #25, Charmed 2004 Xposé Special #25, Charmed 2004
(Reference #XS25)

Welcome to our 88-page Special edition spotlighting…

For six years, the Charmed Ones have used the Power of Three to save the world, and now Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Paige McGowan are heading into a seventh season. We present a comprehensive look at the hit show.

The Charmed Ones The girls profiled, onscreen and off…
The honest cop Co-star Dorian Gregory tells us why Detective Darryl Morris’s relationship with the Charmed Ones is coming under strain.
The Design From celestial courtrooms to heaven itself, designer Paul Staheli reveals his inspirations...
The demon headmaster Actor Gildart Jackson tells us about the motivations of Gideon, the two-faced headmaster of the magic school...
Six Years of Spells From Something Wicca This Way Comes to the very latest instalments, our episode guide rates the tales...
Things to come Producer Brad Kern looks ahead to the final episodes of Season Six.


The Lord of the Rings Now the saga is complete and Peter Jackson’s vision has finally won its just reward at the Oscars, what’s next for the stars?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer The show’s much-missed Wiccan, Amber Benson, explains how she’s moving on from Tara, and opening up new adventures for the Ghosts of Albion.
The next Harry Potter? Fantasy author Garth Nix introduces us to Arthur Pendragon, the new magical boy hero who has seven days ot save the world in the Keys to the Kingdom saga.

Spring Movies Preview
It’s going to be a packed spring at the movie theaters… but what’ll chart, and what will flop? We check out Catwoman, Spider-Man II, The Village and, of course, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Hellboy He’s the horny red devil who’s here to save us. Ron Perlman tells us about his starring role as the son of Satan who’s come over to the side of good.
Van Helsing The stars of the monster-mash epic, including Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale, look ahead to the professor’s battle against evil.

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Xposé Special #24, Yearbook 2003-04 Xposé Special #24, Yearbook 2003-04
(Reference #XS24)

We take a look back at a year of top film and TV, alongside some hints of things to come.
In this 88-page Special we present…

Bye Bye Buffy
After seven years of Slaying, 2003 was the end for Sunnydale. In a 32 page farewell, we recall the series that proved you could make an emotional drama… involving Vampires.
• 2003 recalled in The Year in Buffy and Angel.
• The 25 greatest episodes, as chosen by our panel, complete with quotes that’ll split your sides
• Kristine Sutherland and Danny Strong recall their roles as Joyce and Jonathan.
• Year-by-year, seven seasons of dusting vamps.

The Lord of the Rings
Can’t wait for The Return of the King? Well, it’s almost here, and in the meantime
• Dominic Monaghan recalls how many of Merry’s big scenes are only on the extended DVDs, and looks ahead to the big battles that are sure to make the final cut of Return.
• Sir Ian McKellen reflects on the differences between the two Gandalfs, and how it feels to find himself on a stamp and coin.

Highlights of the Year
• In print, there was Harry Potter… on radio, His Dark Materials… on screen… an awful lot! We run down our top 25 movies, episodes, books and even exhibitions of the year… if your favorite’s not here, then prepare to get outraged!
But to give you a hint, there are returns from the dead in Angel, final resolutions in Charmed, moral dilemmas in The Dead Zone, and a triumphant episode of Mutant X courtesy of Freddie Prinze Jr.

Dead Like Me A lot of Fantasy series met the Grim Reaper this year… but one show about Reapers became a great success. Heart-throb English co-star Callum Blue look back on Season One, and reveals how he’d like things to develop in 2004’s second season.

The Lost World It’s the series that didn’t return in 2003… but it was meant to. We catch up on the latest prospects for Season Four, and get star Jennifer O’Dell’s recollections of the show.

Movies 2004 Preview What’ll chart, and what will flop? Here comes our advance preview of the films that’ll be setting the box office alight in 2004, including Spider-Man II and The Butterfly Effect, not to mention…

Harry Potter 3 What do the Dementors look like? How’s going to Hogsmeade? Why are we already getting news about Harry Potter 4, when the third film is still months away...

And finally…
Old Fool’s Almanac : It seems everyone’s talking to God as we speculate on what’s to come...

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Xposé Special #23, Fantasy Stars of 2003 2003 Xposé Special #23, Fantasy Stars of 2003 2003
(Reference #XS23)

Our summer special takes a sweeping overview of the summer blockbusters, puts the Harry Potter hype in perspective, and runs down the top stars of the Fantasy world…

Top 25 Fantasy Stars: Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s in? Who’s out? Our expert judges draw up their listing of the 25 hottest stars of the Fantasy genre, including faces from Buffy, Charmed, Harry Potter and many many more favorite shows and films.
The Lord of the Rings: How do you turn the record-breaking films of a best-selling book back into print? The editor responsible for Tolkien’s legacy reveals all…
Pirates of the Caribbean: Orlando Bloom is on the road to stardom as he leaps from Middle-earth to the high seas for a swashbuckling adventure. He explains what it’s like to get his ears off… plus, co-stars Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley speak out.…
Lara Croft: Director Jan de Bont reveals why Lara’s all woman this time round, as she deals with old flames and real location while searching for Pandora’s Box in The Cradle of Life.
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Writer James Robinson ‘fesses up to playing fast and loose with his source material – and explains why he had to do it to produce a big screen movie, not a classic serial…

Charmed: Actor Dorian Gregory explains why he’s as eager as anyone to discover what’s in for his character Darryl Morris, and how the fifth season finale will be resolved.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Writer Drew Greenberg tells us about his two years on the show – and why he did a little dance of joy when he first got Buffy and Spike shagging.
Angel: Producer Tim Minear outlines his hopes for the series’s new style, and why he decided to introduce it in the fourth season finale.
Dead Like Me: Meet George. She’s teenage, troubled, and dead. Star Ellen Muth talks about her role in the summer’s first supernatural hit!

And finally…
News special: Harry Potter!: The order of the Phoenix is here… but how universal was the hype? Plus, the new book reviewed and Harry around the world!
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Xposé Special #22, Yearbook 2002-03 Xposé Special #22, Yearbook 2002-03
(Reference #XS22)

Highlights of the Year: We run down our top 25 movies and episodes of the year…
The team raids the archives for fantasy's top offerings from 2002: from Buffy, Angel and Smallville to the end of The X-Files, and incredible moments from Farscape, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, The Dead Zone and many more…
Stargate SG-1: Re-live the trauma of the year Daniel Jackson migrated to a higher plane and Corin Nemec looks back on his troubled introduction to the show.
Buffy and Angel: The year’s events in Sunnydale and the City of Angels: we run through the ups and downs
The Dead Zone: Star Anthony Michael Hall looks ahead to the new twists in the relationships between Johnny, Walt, Sarah and Dana.
The X-Files: Get your tissues ready and prepare to bid a sad farewell as we take our annual look back at the year in the X-Files division for the very last time.
Mutant X: John Shea explains why Adam will be keeping secrets from the team.
Movies 2003 Preview: Our advance preview of the films that’ll be setting the box office alight in 2003, including Terminator 3 and The Matrix Reloaded
X-Men 2: Director Bryan Singer explains why he can finally get down to the nitty gritty.
Solaris: James Cameron reflects on the premature end of his television show Dark Angel, and explains why he’s trying to buck expectations by producing this thoughtful Sci-Fi chiller.
Nothing: Exclusive! Director Vincenzo Natali unveils the follow-up to his cult hit Cube: Nothing!
Old Fool’s Almanac: Connery and Schwarzenegger in Trek? It could happen… if reality’s as twisted as our mad seer’s predictions….
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Xposé Special #21, New Season 2002 2002 Xposé Special #21, New Season 2002 2002
(Reference #XS21)

Buffy/Angel/Firefly – Writer, creator and producer Joss Whedon talks about all three. Charmed – executive producer Brad Kern explains why they’re going to be dealing with mermaids and fairy tales as well as reformed demon Cole. Birds of Prey – The team behind it talk about the Batman spin-off and how New Gotham is being shrunk to the small screen. Dinotopia – We talk to the producer and two new stars Erik Van Detten and Shiloh Strong about this new concept. Also John Doe, Haunted, 24. All this and a Fall 2002 Movie Preview.
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Xposé Special #20, End of the World 2002 Xposé Special #20, End of the World 2002
(Reference #XS20)
As The X-Files and Earth Final Conflict leave the air, we ask: is losing such shows really The End of the World? Includes: The X-Files – a 17-page farewell, overviewing each season with memories from cast & crew. Creator Chris Carter on calling it a day; Gillian Anderson looks ahead to life after Scully; Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish reflect. Plus producers, guest stars, and Xposé Investigates the uncanny Lone Gunmen pilot. Earth: Final Conflict recalled – A 20-page souvenir on the 5 years of Roddenberry’s legacy, with an outspoken interview with Robert Leeshock, Final lead Jayne Heitmeyer and writer John Whelpley on Season 5, Atavus actors Guylaine St Onge and Alan Van Sprang, and design geniuses Madeleine Stewart and Stephen Rolloff on the series’ look. Xposé also runs down the Top 20 film and TV apocalypses, from Dr Strangelove and the War of the Worlds to T2 and ID4. Plus Christian Bale on summer dragon movie Reign of Fire, Odyssey 5 creator Manny Coto on destroying the Earth, Malcolm-Jamal Warner on life as Jeremiah’s sidkick Kurdy, Cleopatra 2525’s Jennifer Sky, and The Tough Guide: survival tips for the worlds of Dark Angel, Planet of the Apes and Survivors. All this and a Summer 2002 Movie Preview.
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