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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination Ltd 1998 - 2006
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Issue #210 • ships from Dec 6 2006
News-stand Price UK £3.99 / US $7.99

84 pages

Doctor Who (2000s) Exclusive
• Production designer Ed Thomas guides us through the reconstruction of the TARDIS set at its new home, and reveals the look of...
• The Christmas special The Runaway Bride
• The Torchwood hub and
• Sets for The Sarah Jane Adventures

Director Euros Lyn explains how he kept the identity of The Runaway Bride a secret, despite shooting at the home of a glossy celebrity magazine!

Underground terrorPrimeval Exclusive
• Star Andrew Lee-Potts, who plays eccentric student Connor Temple, gives us a sneak preview of ITV’s snappy new Time portal drama, one of the highlights of the New Year…

Daeth and David JasonHogfather
• Sir David Jason talks Daleks, Death and pointy ears as he reveals why he was so keen to appear in the first live-action version of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld
Newcomers Michelle Dockery on what it’s like being Death’s granddaughter, and co-star Rhodri Meiler tells us about playing the ‘Oh-God’ of hangovers, and his role in the Doctor Who Christmas Special

Samuel West in Random QuestRandom Quest/
Number 13 Exclusive

• Producer Richard Fell discusses his latest projects; adaptations of John Wyndham’s parallel universe tale Random Quest,
and the latest Ghost Story for Christmas, MR James’ Number 13

Remembering Nigel Kneale
We pay tribute to the pioneering writer…with…
• Deep Thought becomes Deep Mourning to assess Kneale’s legacy, in particular his influence on British television drama
• We recall the mischievous streak of the veteran writer
• And Kneale speaks for himself in previously unpublished comments


Primetime Dexter
• Portrait of a serial killer: Dexter. But this time round he’s the show’s hero…

Flashback K-9 and Company
• As Sarah Jane Smith returns to the screen in her own adventures, we mark the 25th anniversary of her first venture into solo adventures. Well, not quite solo, as she had a robot dog for company…

Episode Guide Star Trek: The Animated Series
• Our complete and comprehensive guide to the entire series

  • Babylon 5 restarts production
  • Studio 60 gets full season
  • Christopher Eccleston joins Heroes
  • A spooky trilogy from BBC Scotland, including the return of Sea of Souls
  • Plus, farewell to Peter Barkworth, William Franklyn and Jack Palance...

TV Reviews – 60 episodes reviewed!
  • Afterlife Season 2 - Season Finale
  • Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Season 3
  • Desperate Housewives Season 3 - Season Première
  • Heroes Season 1
  • The Innocence Project New series
  • Jericho Season 1
  • Lost Season 3
  • The Martians and Us New series
  • Medium Season 3 - New season
  • Random Quest World Première
  • Robin Hood (2000s) Season 1
  • Smallville Season 5
  • Spooks Season 5
  • The State Within New Series
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Season 1
  • Torchwood Season 1

Merchandise Reviews
  • Doctor Who
    Season Two (DVD)
    The Inside Story (h/bk)
    Billie Piper: Growing Pains (h/bk)

  • Irwin Allen
    Irwin Allen Television Productions 1964-1970 (h/bk)

  • One Foot in the Grave
    The Complete One Foot in the Grave (h/bk)

  • Star Trek
    The Animated Series (DVD)
    Voyages of the Imagination (tp/bk)
    Ships of the Line (h/bk)

TV Focus
  • What's on to watch from 6th December 2006 to 3rd January 2007

Readers' Forum
  • Your views, your say. Send your comments for our letters page (with the Subject: "Letter to the Editor") to: [email protected]

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: ITV, Sky One

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2006. Not for reproduction

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