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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination Ltd 1998 - 2006
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Issue #200 • ships from Feb 28 2006
News-stand Price UK £4.99 / US $8.99

At 200

132 pages

TV Zone celebrates 200 issues in style…

Birthday celebrations!

The countdown…Top 200
TV Zone’s definitive list of epoch-making Cult television – from fondly-remembered series, to iconic episodes, to TV events that changed History… but what takes the top spot?

Flashback These we have Loved
• We take a look at some of the shows and stars that have risen and fallen since TV Zone’s début in 1989… and unearth some forgotten gems!

Exclusive interviews!
BBC Drama

• Julie Gardner, Head of Drama, BBC Wales, tells us about the state of TV, her work on Doctor Who, Casanova, and her role in commissioning the BBC’s latest hit Life on Mars!

Kiefer Sutherland in TV Zone24
• Jack is back; and this time it’s personal! Star Kiefer Sutherland tells all about what’s to come in the fifth season of the high-concept Spy-Fi series…

• Co-producer/director Martin Wood looks back on a decade of Stargate – and tells us what the future holds for SG-1 and Atlantis!

A for Andromeda
• Producer Richard Fell discusses the upcoming BBC Four remake of the lost Sixties Sci-Fi serial!

Desperate Housewives
• Star Marcia Cross tells us how desperate-housewife-turned-desperate-widow Bree van de Kamp is adapting to the wrenching changes in her life

Battlestar Galactica (2000s)
• Paul Campbell discusses life, love and Sacrifices aboard the Galactica in his role as Presidential aide Billy Keikeya


Doctor Who (2000s)
• The Cybermen are returning – but how did they come into existence? We investigate the history of the metal men from Mondas…

Primetime The Evidence
• A cop show with a twist – viewers see the evidence from the crime of the week at the start of the show. We talk to the cast and crew to find out how it works…

Deep Thought
• What are the answers to Cult Television’s Ultimate Questions? As the ‘Digital Revolution’ continues, we ponder whether it means freedom for the viewer, or oppression...?

Episode Guide Smallville
• We present our complete and comprehensive guide to Season Three

• Our continuing history of Cult television gets into the anniversary mood, looking back at the advances in researching TV history made over the years TV Zone’s been on the shelf…

  • David Jason to star in Sky One adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather
  • The West Wing ends, plus news on Aaron Sorkin’s new series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  • UPN and The WB merge into The CW network – what does it mean for Cult TV favourites?
  • We pay tribute to the late Andreas Katsulas of Babylon 5

TV Reviews – Over 40 episodes reviewed!
  • 24 Season 5
  • Alias Season 5
  • Battlestar Galactica Season2
  • Charmed Season 8
  • Dalek I Love You Radio play
  • Desperate Housewives Season 2
  • Don’t Watch That Watch This
  • Eleventh Hour Season 1
  • Hyperdrive Season 1
  • Lewis Pilot
  • Life on Mars Season 1 Season finale!
  • Lost Season 2
  • Medium Season 2
  • Sea of Souls Season 3
  • Smallville Season 4
  • The West Wing Season 7
Merchandise Reviews
  • Dempsey and Makepeace
    Season One (DVD)

  • Doctor Who
    Cybermen: Fear (CD)
    Cybermen: Conversion (CD)
    Cybermen: Telos (CD)
    Pier Pressure (CD)
    Singularity (CD)

  • Hex
    Season Two (DVD)

  • The Likely Lads
    Seasons One to Three (DVD)

  • Nightingales
    The Complete Series (DVD)

  • Poltergeist: The Legacy
    Season One (DVD)

  • Red Dwarf
    VIII (DVD)

  • RoboCop
    Season One (DVD)

  • Star Trek
    Titan: Orion's Hounds (p/bk)
    Voyager: Distant Shores (p/bk)

  • Steptoe and Son
    Season Three (DVD)

  • Supernatural
    Season One Part One (DVD)

  • Waiting for God
    Season One (DVD)

TV Focus
  • What's on to watch from 1st March to 28th March

Readers' Forum
  • Your views, your say. Send your comments for our Forum pages (with the Subject: Readers' Forum") to:[email protected]

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: 20th Century Fox Television

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2006. Not for reproduction

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