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Feature: Farscape

Claudia Black interview

Aeryn and Crichton: time for a little idol chat?

As Aeryn Sun, Claudia Black has spent the third series of Farscape being raised from the dead, dealing with her mother, and finding herself caught in the ultimate love triangle…

by Ian Spelling

So Claudia, how has the two Crichtons situation impacted on the Crichton-Aeryn romance?

Romance with Crichton, but which one?It's been really interesting having the two Crichtons. Although, when there was only one Crichton they had confessed their love for each other, it's really had a chance to blossom since the second Crichton was introduced. It's really grown between Aeryn and the Crichton on Talyn.

Ben (Browder) and I wanted to make sure that it was great between them. If you make an audience wait so long, for three years, to finally see the leads get together, you want to see them together and you want to see why they're made for each other. You want the sense that it's too difficult for them to be together, so that they are never going to be mushy and gushy for the next few years.

I added in a line, when Aeryn has to talk to Crichton at the end of the season. She says to him, "I just can't watch you die again, because it was perfect. It was perfect with the other guy and you're just like him. In fact, you are him." I think that's yet to air, that quote. But it's important to me, for Aeryn, that the audience see how high the stakes are, how fantastic it was between Crichton and Aeryn, so that the other Crichton has missed that dance. And there's nothing he can do about it. I think it's understood how much this impacts on the Crichton that survives.

He's missed out on the whole thing and he won't know unless Aeryn tells him. And he knows what she's like. She's not going to want to have the conversations and he's going to have to ease back and not push her.

What would you say have been Aeryn's pivotal moments on the show?

I'd say that the seminal episodes for Aeryn were episode seven from season one, episode seven from season two, and The Choice was my favorite episode from this season. I don't know if The Choice is seminal yet because I don't know what follows. It was something I'd been begging for. They came to me and said, "OK, when this Crichton dies, it's an opportunity for you. We're going to do a big Aeryn episode. We're going to use flashbacks."

I said, "Do me a favour. Limit the flashbacks."
I said that for two reasons. One, it says to the audience, "We've run out of money and want to make a cheap episode." I loved flashback shows when I was a kid because they're usually so emotional and they remind you of everything that came before on a show you like, but it's a cheap tearjerker.

And secondly, I said, "I want the audience to know that I can carry an episode." It's not often we have these standalone episodes, so I wanted my opportunity. Justin Monjo said, "All right." He'd seen an episode of The X-Files that worked really well, when Mulder disappeared for the first time, giving Scully a show of her own. We wanted The Choice to be dark and subtle.

Some of the fans didn't respond to it terribly well on the first viewing and some of them said it was a masterpiece. And some people said that it couldn't stand alone, that people coming to the show green perhaps wouldn't understand the context of it. As a performer I'm hoping that people understand it out of context because I've sent it to a lot of casting agents in America!

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