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SUBJECT: Firefly/Serenity Convention

Ron Glass Science Fiction fans are the most loyal in the world; they’ll even come out to cheer on the stars of a TV series, Firefly, that only lasted two seasons, ending in 2003, and its critically-acclaimed subsequent 2004 movie, Serenity, that didn’t bring in enough box office revenue to qualify for a sequel. But to hear the audience who packed into a room at the Marriot Hotel in Burbank, California, burst into applause when members of the cast came on stage, you’d think it was the highest-rated show on TV now.

Ron GlassSet 500 years in the Future, Joss Wheldon’s series spotlighted the ragtag group of a transport ship called Serenity, doing illegal jobs in order to make ends meet, while on the run from the interplanetary government known as ‘The Alliance.’

Ron Glass, who played the preacher, Shepherd Book, was the first to appear, proudly wearing his Barak Obama hat. When someone in the first row made a comment about it, the actor admitted that he was not political, but he felt this year it was time for him to ‘take a stand.’ The actor seemed to enjoy the repartee with the fans, laughing and joking, never sitting down, telling behind-the-scenes stories from the series and movie as he strutted back and forth across the stage.

He laughed as he remembered the phone call he received from Joss Whedon about the movie Serenity. “He said, ‘This is a good news/bad news call – the good news is we’re making the movie, the bad new is you die in it.’” The actor confessed he was not thrilled with the storyline and turned it down, but after Whedon rewrote it, and he received a phone call from his fellow cast member Nathan Fillion, Glass decided to participate even though he still acknowledges that it’s a painful subject.

Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee, the ship’s mechanic, followed Glass on stage. She immediately sat in the director’s chair provided for her, and seemed very relaxed as she spoke with the fans about Firefly, Serenity and her current stint as Dr Keller on Stargate Atlantis, in which she has blond hair. “I’m in a blond phase now,” she acknowledged. “I haven’t seen my real hair color in a very long time. I liked Kaylee with brown hair, it just felt right as she was earthy.”

When the series ended, Staite admitted that she took the ‘Kaylee’s Room’ door sign home with her. “Nathan took everything else – I’m not joking. I was concerned; I thought he was playing Firefly at home by himself. He actually gave me Alliance money once, and I told him, ‘It’s not real money you know!’”

Summer GlauFinally Summer Glau, who is currently starring on the successful series Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles was introduced. She seemed surprisingly shy, but as the Q & A progressed she was drawn out of her shell by her enthusiastic fans. Referring to the fact that her show will now be moving from Monday night to Friday night, following Joss Whedon’s new Sci Fi series Dollhouse, the actress lamented, “When I heard we were moving to Friday I was devastated, as I’ve been there before (Firefly was on that night). The other day the producer of our show said, ‘I think Joss had something to do with it – maybe he does rule the world after all.’”

Of her role as Cameron, the Terminator sent into the past to save John Connors’ life, the actress recalled, “When I got the role Joss phoned me and said something I didn’t expect, and that was how moved he was by the robot in the movies, and I really tried to [be moving] with my Terminator.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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