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Sum 2002 • ships from May 23 2002
News-stand Price UK £3.00 / US $7.95

• People worried that Tobey Maguire wasn’t a big enough star to take on the role of the webbed wonder. Box-office receipts of $150million in just 7 days proved his doubters wrong. Read what Maguire had to say, the thoughts of director Sam Raimi and (in print) his co-stars as we cover possibly the biggest movie of the summer

Halle Berry in Monster’s BallMonster’s Ball
• Halle Berry, the first black star to win the Best Actress Oscar, talks about preparing for her harrowing role as a Death Row widow who begins a passionate affair with one of her husband’s executioners…

Guy Pearce at the helm of The Time MachineThe Time Machine
• Travel 800,000 years or so into the future, to talk to director Simon Wells and star Guy Pearce. As the great-grandson of the story's author, young Wells had much to live up to!

Josh Hartnett in 40 Days & 40 Nights40 Days & 40 Nights
• Josh Hartnett plays a man with a one-track mind who vows to give up his active sex life for Lent... and then meets the girl of his dreams: Shannyn Sossamon. But could Hartnett do that himself?

It’s Audrey II from Little Shop of HorrorsLittle Shop of Horrors
• They changed the ending, had a string of directors and fought to keep the leading lady… Our Call Sheet goes behind the scenes of the brilliant cult musical with stars Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene, plus director Frank Oz

Quick Film Fixes
• A sneak preview of the latest movie to be inspired by a computer game, Resident Evil, starring Milla Jovovich. • After The Mothman Prophecies, Richard Gere is definitely earning his reported $15m a movie with the excellent Unfaithful.
• There’s also a quick peek at the forthcoming remake of Rollerball with American Pie star Chris Klein.
• And finally… the critics pretty much hated it (see our fairly scathing review), but Snow Dogs has given Cuba Gooding Jr’s movie career a kick in the snowpants… and your kids will love it!

1-star film Our new-look reviews section! 5-star film
What Film Review is all about!
32 pages bringing you the next four weeks of releases!

New Movies! 22 brand spanking new releases -
including all the newcomers above, as well as...

  • High Society
    The musical remake of The Philadelphia Story gets a shiny re-release at selected cinemas around the country
  • Hardball
    Before we see Keanu Reeves in the forthcoming Matrix sequels, we see him play a complete loser who has to coach a kids’ baseball team.
  • plus Star Wars
    What we think of Attack of the Clones
  • Still Showing…
    Our diligent low-down on more than 50 films still showing in the UK at press-time

Home Entertainment – 9 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs…

  • Including the fantastic Speed Special Edition, the best Batman movie ever – the 1966 Adam West version! – and the brilliant new Thelma & Louise Special Edition

Despatches: – 8 pages of the hottest movie news

  • The Brotherhood of the Wolf director who’s set to bring us the French Indiana Jones
  • Anne The Weakest Link Robinson set to have her life story made into a movie
  • Tim Burton’s next project…
  • Why Vin Diesel won’t be in The Fast and the Furious 2
  • …and much, much more…!
  • Competitions
    Win copies of the latest rental releases Behind Enemy Lines, Heist, The Deep End, From Hell, The Princess Diaries and Zoolander!
  • The Best Seat in the House
    James Cameron-Wilson might have despaired of 2001's British movies but 2002 is shaping up to be a great year for British cinema! And don’t forget, you can test his movie knowledge in our famous Film Facts!
  • Next Issue (Upcoming movies)
    Sandra Bullock stars in Murder By Numbers (two killers believe they’ve committed the perfect crime), there’s the Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller Minority Report and Hollywood's cutest mouse returns in Stuart Little 2.

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Columbia Tristar / Marvel Entertainment, Warner Bros, Entertainment, UIP

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2002. Not for reproduction

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