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VI DIRECT Catalog : TV Zone : TV Zone Specials 60 - 69

TV Zone Special #69, Cybermen 2006 TV Zone Special #69, Cybermen 2006
(Reference #TS69)

100 pages

Doctor Who (2000s) Episode-By-Episode Director James Hawes tells us about the rebirth of the Cybermen, in Rise of the Cybermen, the first episode of his two-part tale
Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Executive producer Ronald D Moore on Season 2 and the upcoming Season 3
Charmed – On Set …for the final episode, and we speak to the Charmed Ones themselves, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs…
24 Roger E Cross, former star of First Wave, discusses his role as Curtis Manning
Flashback Gangsters Writer/creator Philip Martin takes us through the creative choices that led to his hard-hitting crime drama

Desperate Housewives Blonde bombshell Edie Britt isn’t desperate, reckons the actress who plays her, Nicollette Sheridan
Lost Is ‘Tailie’ Libby really as nice as she seems? Star Cynthia Watros would like to know…
Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo talks about her role as the harassed medic in the hit hospital drama

Countdown: Top Parallel Worlds A whistle-stop tour of some of the most interesting – and bizarre – alternative worlds ever seen on television
Episode Guide Continuing our look at parallel worlds, we present our complete guide to Season 2 of Sliders
Deep Thought We examine the imminent relaunch of Star Trek, with the team behind Lost and Alias at the helm…
The Last Word Is anything original nowadays? And does it need to be?
With TV reviews of Doctor Who (2000s) Season 2: School Reunion and The Girl in the Fireplace

and much more…

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Price:  $7.99

TV Zone Special #68, Doctor Who Returns 2006 TV Zone Special #68, Doctor Who Returns 2006
(Reference #TS68)

100 pages

Introducing a new concept in publishing…

Starting with…
the new series of Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Episode 1 New Earth Exclusive Director James Hawes on the opening episode
Plus! We report from the series launch, with David Tennant and Billie Piper!

Invasion Exclusive Star Tyler Labine lets us inside the head of resident conspiracy theorist Dave Groves
Lost Exclusive Star Jorge Garcia talks about life and love on the mysterious island – and just what those evil integers mean…
Desperate Housewives Exclusive Wisteria Lane’s newest resident Betty Applewhite has plenty to hide – but star Alfre Woodard is happy to tell all…
Stargate Atlantis Exclusive We meet the visual effects team behind the most dramatic moments in Season Two
CSI Exclusive Louise Lombard, aka new recruit Sophia Curtis, shares her experience of joining the Las Vegas crime squad
Hustle Exclusive Robert Glenister, aka conman Ash, on the series’ winning formula
24 Star Mary Lynn Rajskub explains how she’s gone from comedies to counter-terrorism as CTU’s resident computer expert Chloe O’Brian

Top 10 Presidents We take a look at some of the best, and worst, tv presidents…
Flashback Gangsters Exclusive Writer/creator Philip Martin discusses the hard-hitting drama that became a landmark in bending the rules of TV. We start with Season 1
Deep Thought We examine the US launch of Doctor Who, and ask what its reception means for the series
Episode Guide We present our complete guide to Season One of the new Doctor Who
News Including: Life on Mars heads Stateside, plus Stargate SG-1’s 200th episode plans
Reviews Including: Doctor Who: New Earth and BBC Four’s A for Andromeda remake!
The Last Word UK Series transferring to the US

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Price:  $7.99

TV Zone Special #67, Stargate Seasons' Ends 2006 TV Zone Special #67, Stargate Seasons' Ends 2006
(Reference #TS67)

In 132 pages

We take a look at the second part of SG-1 Season Nine and Atlantis Season Two, as the two teams step up their battles with the Ori and the Wraith…
We interview:
• Ben Browder
• Amanda Tapping
• Chris Judge
• Michael Shanks
• David Hewlett
• Lexa Doig
• Gary Jones
• Brandy Ledford
• David Nykl

Plus…! Extensive Season Previews for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis series with exclusive images
the producers’ picks for their favourite episodes of the year, and
TV Zone’s reviews of the seasons so far…


Supernatural Producers McG and Robert Singer reveal all about this new series
Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Actress Nicki Clyne tells us about taking the Galactica’s girl next door, Crewman Specialist Cally, to boot camp…
12 Episodes of Christmas We run through some of the very best of those very special episodes for Christmas…
Doctor Who Actor Noel Clarke on how Mickey Smith fares in The Christmas Invasion
Plus! Season Two Preview
Arthur Conan Doyle Season The producers behind two new documentaries on Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tell us about the development of the Holmes phenomenon
Creature Comforts Director Richard Goleszowski takes u behind the scenes of the Claymation series’ Christmas Special
A View from the Hill We talk to writer Peter Harness about his new adaptation of MR James’s classic chiller
The Lone Gunmen We present our complete and comprehensive guide to the X-Files conspiracy-theory spin-off
The Last Word As Doctor Who edges past Star Trek to retake its crown as the longest-running tele-fantasy series, we ask – What’s a good run for a TV show?

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Price:  $9.99

TV Zone Special #66, Yearbook (2005-06) TV Zone Special #66, Yearbook (2005-06)
(Reference #TS66)

The Year in TV Zone
Our extensive 11-page review of the highs and lows from the world of Cult Television, as we look back on the past year as seen through our pages…

Battlestar Galactica New series star Katee Sackhoff comes out guns blazing as she defends her version of hotshot space pilot Starbuck
Star Trek: Enterprise Anthony Montgomery mourns the passing of Star Trek after 18 years, and looks back at his swan song year as Ensign Travis Mayweather
MastersFX Prosthetic effects guru Todd Masters takes us behind the scenes of his company MastersFX, as they create creatures for Stargate and corpses for Six Feet Under
Gerry Anderson The puppet master lambasts the treatment of New Captain Scarlet, and talks exclusively about his new CGI series Lightspeed
Hex Director Brian Grant talks about his work on the Supernatural series, and looks back at his episode of the new Doctor Who
Anthony Stewart Head The actor on starring as the devilish Headmaster Finch in the new Doctor Who, working with David Tennant, Gold Blend and on Little Britain
The Quatermass Experiment Star Mark Gatiss and producer Alison Willett look back at the ups and downs of BBC Four’s live TV broadcast and the DVD

TV Zone Year in Index 2005 Our handy reference guide to the reviews, interviews and features from the last year of TV Zone

Reviews of 2004 All the reviews that matter and opinions that count in our extensive look at all that was good and bad in Cult TV over the past year, including a listing of all the episodes that have aired in:
Alias Season 4
Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1 and 2
Charmed Seasons 7 and 8
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York
Dead Zone Season 4
Desperate Housewives Seasons 1 and 2
Doctor Who Season 1 and spin-offs
Enterprise Season 4 and Star Trek spin-offs
Lost Seasons 1 and 2
Medium Season 1
Smallville Seasons 3 and 4
Stargate SG-1 Seasons 8 and 9
Stargate Atlantis Seasons 1 and 2
The West Wing Season 6

Plus Overviews of…
The Year in Radio
The Year in Broadcasting
New and cancelled series

A Final Word… Is it Christmas already? It seems like the years are getting shorter and shorter…

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Price:  $9.99

TV Zone Special #65, New Season 2005 TV Zone Special #65, New Season 2005
(Reference #TS65)

116 pages on what's coming up,
with a special look at…

Battlestar Galactica

We go on set to interview the women of the series – the good, the bad and the conflicted…
• Tricia Helfer as the seductive Cylon femme fatale Number Six
• Mary McDonnell The star tells us what's in store for President Laura Roslin
• Grace Park puzzles out the different incarnations of her character with us
• Episode Guide to the 2003 mini-series and Season One

Lost TV Shows We continue our look at forgotten shows that should have lasted longer, including Planet of the Apes, Clffhanger and Otherworld
Man in a Suitcase In an outspoken interview, star Richard Bradford reminisces about his work on the gritty spy series
Stargate On-set interview! with director Peter Deluise on his work on the new seasons of SG-1 and Atlantis
The Dead Zone Actor Ed Asner tells us about joining the series and about quality television, then and now…
Doctor Who With 'classic' companion Sarah Jane Smith returning to the series, we take a light-hearted look at the other companions who could return…

New Season Interviews…!

The cast and crew of the season’s returning series and new shows chat exclusively to us
The West Wing On-set Interview with star Martin Sheen as President Bartlet
Hex On-set We chat to the stars of the Supernatural series
Charmed On-set Producer Brad Kern talks about the challenges of Season Eight
Surface Star Jay R Ferguson surfaces to tell us about his new series, focusing on alien life in the oceans…

New Season Previews…

What’s in store in the new season, from returning classics to new series…
Alias Season 5 With its star pregnant and new cast members joining, it’s all change
Invasion Season 1 The aliens are already among us, in ABC’s Sci-Fi conspiracy series…
Ghost Whisperer Season 1 Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new series
The West Wing Season 7 It’s election year, but will the show survive the changes?
Lost Season 2 Will this season explain just what’s happening?
Bones Season 1 David Boreanaz co-stars in this new CSI-style forensic crime drama
Smallville Season 5 It’s the final year, as Clark Kent prepares to embrace his destiny…
Charmed Season 8 The Halliwells are in hiding and a new witch arrives in the final year…
Supernatural Season 1 Two brothers hunt down paranormal phenomena in this spooky new series
Medium Season 2 What’s in store for Allison DuBois?
Desperate Housewives Season 2 Tragedy and farce lies in store for the housewives of Wisteria Lane…
The Night Stalker Season 1 Will this remake of the classic series live up to its illustrious predecessor?

And in the UK…
From Spooks to a double helping of the Virgin Queen, we preview what’s in store…

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Price:  $9.99

TV Zone Special #64, Stargates New Seasons 2005 TV Zone Special #64, Stargates New Seasons 2005
(Reference #TS64)

In 116 pages

We take a look at the new seasons of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis
We interview:
• Ben Browder
• Joe Flanigan
• Amanda Tapping
• Chris Judge
• Michael Shanks
• Beau Bridges
• Cliff Simon
• Mitch Pileggi
• Paul McGillion
• Jason Momoa

With extensive features on Season 9 of Stargate SG-1 and Season 2 of Stargate Atlantis, packed with exclusive images

And there's more…!
Top Series Switchers So, Ben Browder and Claudia Black have moved from Farscape to Stargate SG-1. We take a tongue-in-cheek at a rundown of top series swapping personalities…
Doctor Who Executive producer Russell T Davies takes an end of season look back at the fantastic success of the series' return, and looks ahead to Season Two
Our acclaimed Episode Scrapbooks for the Doctor's trips
24 As Erin Driscoll, Alberta Watson began her fourth season stint on the 24 hour-a-day duty of the CTU by sacking Jack Bauer. She reveals how she has no fear of terrorists and rogue agents... but is brought to her knees by technobabble
The Last Word As Stargate SG-1 enters its ninth season, we ask the crucial question – is there any reason why it shouldn't run for ever?

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Price:  $9.99

TV Zone Special #63, Doctor Who 2005 TV Zone Special #63, Doctor Who 2005
(Reference #TS63)

116 other-wordly pages

Doctor Who

You wait 16 years for a new Doctor, and then two come along. We take a sensational voyage through the new series with a wealth of interviews and features…

Director Joe Ahearne who helmed some of the season’s most memorable episodes on bringing the dreaded Daleks back…
John Barrowman on his début as Captain Jack Harkness in Episode Nine (Empty Child )
Visual effects producer Will Cohen discusses the pros and cons of computer SFX and The Mill’s most impressive creations
• League of Gentleman star turned Who writer Mark Gatiss on introducing the Doctor to Charles Dickens and writing for David Tennant
Concept artist Bryan Hitch and his work
Steven Moffat shares his new experience of writing as part of a team and discusses adapting to Russell T Davis’s style
The designer behind the new interior of the TARDIS, Ed Thomas, gives TV Zone a guided tour of the studio

Doctor Who Scrapbook
Seven stories profiled with fresh pictures and press quotes, as well as previews for all remaining Season One episodes, and The Doctor and Russell T Davis in 2006


Star Trek: Enterprise Actor Dominic Keating, better known as Lt Malcolm Reed, talks about the final episodes and where the series has taken him in the last four years
The Dead Zone Producer Robert Petrovich reveals the most challenging aspects of the new season’s shoot
Family Guy Creator Seth McFarlane discusses the return of the cult animation to Fox, and the début of his provocatively un-PC cartoon American Dad
Hercules Writer Charles Edward Pogue tells us his vision of “I Claudius meets Lord of the Rings” for Hallmark’s new mythological adventure series.
The 4400 Co-creator Scott Peters talks about his inspiration for the show and in what directions it is headed
The West Wing Our complete and coprehensive episode guide for the sixth season!

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Price:  $9.99

TV Zone Special #62, CSI 2005 TV Zone Special #62, CSI 2005
(Reference #TS62)

132 pages

with a special focus on the fast-growing cult franchise of them all…

CSI: Crime Scene Investigations

• Creator Anthony Zuiker reveals how one night spent watching a fly-on-the-wall documentary led to television’s top crime show

Cast interviews

Marg Helgenberger tells us about bringing beauty and brains to Vegas as CSI’s Catherine Willows
CSI: Miami’s David Caruso discusses his second shot at TV fame
CSI: New York’s Melina Kanakeredes explains how she became the Big Apple’s Guardian Angel…

TV Crime Extra!

• NYPD Blue: As the veteran cop show leaves the air, creator Steven Bochco and star Dennis Franz discuss 12 years of making an alcoholic boor a hero…
• 15 Top Telly ‘Tecs: We run down the quirkiest, most insightful detectives TV has to offer
24: CTU new recruit Roger E Cross debates the great question – is the show racist towards Muslims?

Desperate Housewives Uptight Bree and free-spirited Gabrielle, aka Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria, discuss the perils of sudden fame
The West Wing Season Five complete episode guide
Stargate Atlantis The designers guide us through exclusive design sketches of their creations
Battlestar Galactica 2005 Actor Richard Hatch, and star of the original series, tells us how he came to love the updated version of the show he’d fought to bring back
The World of Lost Shows We look at some short-lived shows that were ahead of their time...
Clone Wars Animation guru Genndy Tartakovsky reveals his plans for the latest run of the Star Wars spin-off
The Quatermass Experiment The live return of Nigel Kneale’s pioneering Science Fiction serial
Casanova (2205) Star David Tennant discusses the hit BBC3 drama, and his love of the role for which he’s currently tipped… Doctor Who!

...and speaking of which, Doctor Who!
• Writer Lance Parkin previews the eighth Doctor’s last adventure, The Gallifrey Chronicles
• Rose’s mother Jackie and boyfriend Mickey, Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke, answer the $64,000 question… how did Rose end up with a prat like that?

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Price:  $9.99

TV Zone Special #61, Stargate Seasons' Ends 2005 TV Zone Special #61, Stargate Seasons' Ends 2005
(Reference #TS61)
Short Supply

Bumper-sized 132 pages

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis – the season finales!
Our guide to Stargate SG-1’s eighth season concludes as we overview the first episodes of 2005, complete with cast and crew interviews – and take a look at spin-off series Stargate Atlantis as it completes its first season.

See what we have in store….

Cast Interviews
• Richard Dean Anderson
• Amanda Tapping
• Christopher Judge
• Michael Shanks

Guest Interviews
• Don S Davis – General Hammond
• Dean Aylesworth – Goa’uld god Anubis
• Stuntman Jamie Bamford

Atlantis star!

• Rainbow Sun Franks

The Episodes
We look at these episodes, with more amazing design concepts and artwork, behind-the-scenes secrets and photos from
Prometheus Unbound
It’s Great to be King
Full Alert
Citizen Joe
• Season finale Moebius

Production Interviews

• Cast and crew, including a special interview with producer Brad Wright, take us up to the Season Eight finale

• The run-up to Stargate Atlantis’s first season conclusion

And more…!

Battlestar Galactica Exclusive design images and blueprints, and commentary from designer Richard Hudolin
Andromeda Costume designer Toni Burroughs-Rutter reveals the inspirations behind the varied looks of the Andromeda Ascendant crew with designs, and a sneak preview of John Woo’s upcoming Lost in Space revival
Doctor Who Actor Julian Glover talks to us about his variety of guises in the series, while also tangling with James Bond and Indiana Jones
Charmed Producer Brad Kern assesses the current, seventh, season so far
The West Wing Our complete episode guide covers Seasons Three and Four
Series Swap With Farscape’s Ben Browder joining Stargate, have you noticed how stars are jumping from one Sci-Fi classic to another?

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Price:  $16.00

TV Zone Special #60, Yearbook (2004-05) TV Zone Special #60, Yearbook (2004-05)
(Reference #TS60)
Short Supply

132 pages – The Year in TV Zone
Our extensive 12-page review of the highs and lows from the world of Cult Television, as we look back on the past year as seen through our pages…

Farscape – The Peacekeeper Wars Production designer Ricky Eyres and actors Melissa Jaffer and Claudia Black on hopping back on board Moya
Stargate SG-1 Claudia Black itells us about her guest role
Teryl Rothery looks back on Dr Fraiser’s heroic death, and we present our report from GateCon, the premier Stargate convention…
The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Director and co-producer Dirk Maggs talks about his recent adaptation of Douglas Adams’s Life, The Universe and Everything for Radio Four, and looks ahead to the forthcoming Phases
Shoebox Zoo Siobhan Redmond chats to us about her role as Ailsa the Adder and shares her recollections of her work on Bulman and Sea of Souls
Survivors Second Season stars Denis Lill and Lorna Lewis reflect on the changes in the show that thrust their characters to the fore…
Kids of SF TV We talk to Land of the Giants child star Stefan Arngrim about his past and present career, and his work on Sci-Fi’s upcoming EarthSea mini-series
TV Zone Year in Index 2004 Our handy reference guide to the reviews, interviews and features from the last year of TV Zone

Reviews of 2003 All the reviews that matter and opinions that count in our extensive look at all that was good and bad in Cult TV over the past year, including a listing of all the episodes that have aired in:
Alias – Season 3
Andromeda – Seasons 4 and 5
Angel – Season 5
Battlestar Galactica – Season 1
Charmed – Seasons 6 and 7
Dead Like Me – Season 2
Dead Zone – Season 3
Doctor Who – Merchandise and New Series
Enterprise – Season 3
Farscape – The Peacekeeper Wars
Joan of Arcadia – Season 1
Mutant X – Season 3
Smallville – Seasons 3 and 4
Stargate SG-1 – Seasons 7 and 8
Stargate Atlantis – Season 1
Tru Calling – Season 1
The West Wing – Season 1

Plus! Overviews of:
The Year in Radio
The Year in Broadcasting
The Year in Quality Cable

A Final Word… It may seem to have been a disappointing year for Cult TV, with a raft of cancellations of well-loved series – but 2005 gives us plenty of reasons to be cheerful…

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Price:  $16.00
VI DIRECT Catalog : TV Zone : TV Zone Specials 60 - 69

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