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Feature: Charmed

A Charmed spread

In the week that saw Angel unexpectedly cancelled, The WB renewed Charmed for a seventh series. Perhaps there’s more to the show than good writing and effects? We look back at the lives and loves of The Charmed Ones…

In the beginning there were three, Prudence (Prue), Piper and Phoebe. Prue was the oldest, born in 1970, and hence took it upon herself to care for her two younger sisters when their mother died. Prue was the one who was supposed to have had the strongest magic, and she had the power to move objects, but she was also the one who was strongest emotionally. She was feisty, and would do all it took to protect her sisters. However, she also often caused tension between the sisters because she was selfish and headstrong, always wanting to handle things herself, in her own way.

At first Prue worked as a museum curator, but she was driven to succeed and gradually developed her love of photography until she was able to work professionally in the field. Prue’s only real love interest was Inspector Andy Trudeau, a High School romance which was rekindled at the beginning of the first season, but which ended with his death. Prue herself died a hero’s death at the end of Series Three, when she made a pact with the Dark Side to save the lives of her sisters. Since leaving the show, flashbacks which feature Prue have all been cut so that we never see her face, because of legal problems, and in one instance producers got around the problem by flashing back to an episode where she was transformed into a dog.

Middle sister Piper was always the sensible one, and mediator in family issues. She is also a home-maker, loving cooking and cleaning (to the point of obsessiveness when anxious). Early on she decided to open her own business, and after the sisters agreed to re-finance The Manor, she bought a nightclub, P3. When the girls first discovered they had powers, Piper’s was to freeze Time, which often bought the girls pause for thought on the best course of action. She later gained the power to make things explode, which often turned out to be the best course of action! Piper was inconsolable after the death of Prue, not just with grief, but with the weight of responsibility that was now going to be thrust upon her as the eldest sister. Piper’s love life was a bit hit-and-miss until she fell for handyman Leo during Series One.

Little sister Phoebe’s special powers include levitation, and more recently, empathy, which has been a boon for the advice column, but a bane on the personal front, particularly when she pre-empted most recent love Jason’s expression of his feelings for her. Working through that she at last decided that she needed to leave The Manor and have a life of her own, so she went with Jason to Hong Kong, where he is currently working. Unfortunately things started to go pear shaped when Jason discovered that Phoebe and her sisters are witches.

by Louise Ross

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