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Feature: The X-Files - Gillian Anderson

Scully - Gone but not forgotten

Gillian Anderson as Scully The X-Files have finally closed after an amazing nine years of investigating the strangest of events.

Now Gillian Anderson is no longer Scully, and she can't quite believe itÖ

Nine years ago, Gillian Anderson was a young unknown who stumbled into stardom when she won the role of Dana Scully on The X-Files. And now itís over, and sheís not quite sure how she feels about that. ďDonít get me started. I donít know why, but I woke up feeling so emotional today. Itís so surreal. I swear to God, itís only starting to hit me over the past couple of days. And it just feels like nine years was so short. You know what I mean? While we were in the middle of it I felt that it would never end, and now itís just all of a suddenÖ it just feels unfathomable. And thatís all I have to say.Ē

It sounds as if she might be having second thoughts about Chris Carterís decision, but ultimately she realizes this is the moment to call it a day. ďNo, no, no. I think ultimately that itís good to finish now. Thereís a time for everything to end, and I think this is the right time. I think itís good for everybody and I think that everybody has put in such a huge effort over the years in really trying to keep the quality of the show up and to continue with its integrity as much as it can. Now everybody in their own way is excited about moving on to other things. Both things can co-exist. One can be sad and in the process of mourning and at the same time be excited and hopeful for the future and change.Ē

Certainly sheís happy that she wonít have to see what the series would be like without her. ďI donít think I would have known that until the very end, when I would have thought, ĎWell, wait a minute. This isnít right. This isnít right.í Iím very glad that the show is completely ending now because I have a feeling that even though I would have mourned to a certain degree in saying goodbye, there would have been something left undone. The crew would have been continuing and even though I was saying goodbye, it would not have been as clean. I feel like we have an opportunity now to really tie it up in a whole and constructive, finishing and completing way.Ē

Asked what sheíll miss most about the show, Anderson comments, ďOh God, the whole thing, the whole thing of living and breathing it. I mean, there are certainly trees within that forest that I can individualize. Iíll miss [director] Kim Manners and Chris and David and the crew and just being on set.Ē And the craziness of the fans, which started to get to her a little during the media frenzy of the seriesí peak, when she was consistently voted the sexiest woman on the planet? ďI havenít been feeling the craziness of it lately. I think weíre pretty well protected from the craziness. It all just feels like thereís another entire entity out there thatís breathing with the same heartbeat as us and they support us, but I donít experience a lot of craziness. We donít get a lot of visitors to the set. Once in a while we do and people burst into tears and stuff, but the crazy period of time was earlier on and I didnít even realize it that that was crazy until it stopped being crazy. Then I thought, ĎOh God, that was crazy.í

by Ray Rogers

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