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Xposé Special #19out: March 28 • UK £3.99 / US $7.99
– Spies, Lies and Double Lives –

Take everything with a pinch of salt as we mark April Fool’s Day with a run down of the greatest deceptions in film and television history. From hoaxes and deceptions to people who aren’t quite as they first appear, there’s nothing and nobody you can take on sight here…

20 Top SF Hoaxes & Deceptions!
• From Buffy and Farscape to The X-Files and Stargate SG-1, we recall 20 classic moments when our favorite movies and series suddenly took a twist…

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Smallville: Lex interview
• He's the nicest, most reliable friend you could dream of… yet everyone who's ever seen Superman knows Lex Luthor's going to end up bad to the bone. We ask star Michael Rosenbaum what's going to set the bald hero on the path to the dark side…

John Shea: Lex to Mutant XPlus! Mutant X
• Ex-Lex John Shea leaves Lois and Clark behind to make a stand for good as Adam, the head of the Mutant X team. He tells us why he's glad to be good for a change…

Julian McMahon in CharmedCharmed
• "Cole never expected to fall in love with Pheobe..." Julian McMahon reflects on the latest developments in the double life of Cole Turner - demon assassin and love-lorn mortal

Lexa Doig in triplicateAndromeda
• A double life's too simple for Lexa Doig - she gets to play three versions of the Andromeda AI… and that's on an easy day! Plus, Lexa talks about making Jason X with co-star Lisa Ryder

Alias star Jennifer GarnerAlias
• It's the hit of the season! We take an in-depth look at the media phenomenon which is ABC's tangled spy drama Alias! Plus, the double life of Sydney Bristow examined...

The X-Files
• As the final episodes reach the screen, James Pickens Jr speculates on the truth about Director Kersh - is he a secret agent of the Cigarette Smoking Man, or a deep cover ally for Mulder, Scully and Doggett?

Stargate SG-1
• Actor Tom McBeath reveals the secret truth behind rogue NID agent turned fugitive Harry Maybourne

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• Three years after he got a roasting, Harry Groener recalls his sting as Sunnydale's homespun Mayor (and wanna-be demon) Richard Wilkins III

Dark Angel
• Part man, part dog, and torn between two species, Kevin Durand discusses Dark Angel's canine transgenic, Joshua

The Invisible Man
• After two years, the Department of Fish and Game has shut down. Paul Ben-Victor recalls his time as Bobby Hobbes, the secret agent working under the department's cover

Top Trumps: Sci-Fi Conmen
• Whatever you do, don't buy a bridge off these chaps...

Xpose Investigates…
• from San Serriffe to Piltdown Man and The Man Who Never Was, the greatest hoaxes of all time

  • More Double Lives uncovered:
  • The Avengers' John Steed
  • Sunnydale's finest, Buffy Summers
  • Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor
  • Twin Peaks' Leland Palmer

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: The WB, ABC / Touchstone Television, Spelling Productions, Tribune Entertainment, Visual Imagination

• all other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2002