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Xposé Special #18out Nov 29 • UK £3.99 / US $7.99

Welcome to details of our 2001/2002 Yearbook, a look back at a year of top film and TV alongside some hints of things to come. In this 84-page Special...

Highlights of the Year
• To mark this iconic year in Science Fiction, we break with tradition to offer up 21 highlights of the year instead of our usual 20...

Highlights of the YearThe Xposé team raids the archives for fantasy's top offerings from 2001: from Buffy, Angel and new hit Smallville to Farscape, From Hell, Shrek, Xena, Stargate Sg-1, Invisible Man and more...

Buffy The Vampire SlayerBuffy musical
• Backstage on November’s musical episode Once More, with Feeling! Creator Joss Whedon and performers Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters wax lyrical about the experience
– PLUS Buffy and Angel
• The year’s events in Sunnydale and the City of Angels: we run through the ups and downs, looking at how Buffy’s switch to a new network impacted both shows

Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1• We used to say it wouldn't be an Xposé Special without Michael Shanks, but now he’s leaving we turn to co-star Don S Davis, alias General Hammond, who speaks candidly about his colleague’s departure
• Comprehensive debrief on the year’s missions, including a sneak preview of episodes which have premiered outside the USA

Buffy musicalSmallville
• Producer Albert Gough reveals the inspirations for the new version of the Superman myth that’s become the season’s hottest new show

The X-Files
• Our annual look back at the year in the X-Files division recalls Mulder’s disappearance, death, resurrection and final departure…. He keeps busy, doesn’t he?

Movies 2002 Preview
• Wondering what to look forward to this year? Wonder no longer as we present a guide to the hottest films set to make a splash in 2002, from Men in Black 2 to Spider-Man

Earth: Final Conflict
• Or should that be Earth: Final Cast Member? The only actor to have been with the show throughout its run, Von Flores, discusses Sandoval’s latest bid for power, the arrival of the Atavus, and the return of Boone

Top Trumps Heroes
• Good finally fights back in our latest batch of top trump cards! Add cards for Buffy, Angel, Mulder and many more to your collection…

Rest in Peace
• A fond farewell to the series and heroes who bit the dust this year

• So it’s a hit in America - but is anyone watching on the other side of the Atlantic. We reveal how the contrasting fortunes of eight op shows

Old Fool’s Almanac
• Our resident mad seer Drusilla offers up five insane predictions for the new year in SF and fantasy

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: 20th-Century Fox Television., The WB, UPN, Showtime.Mgm, Paramount, Sci-Fi, Visual Imagination

• all other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2001