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One down, but The X-Files just refuses to go. Back for a ninth year, Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick get by with a little help from their friends.
Paul Spragg investigated.

The X-Files Season Nine on Fox from
November 4 2001

Scully, x-citingAnother year, another series of cases for Scully and... oh, hang on. For the first time in history Mulder will be nowhere to be seen in the upcoming ninth season of The X-Files. With Gillian Anderson on a slightly better contract for the season that requires less work on her part too, this, probably final (although, let’s face it, we’ve said that before), year will be a chance for the supporting characters to really shine. Still on the case is Assistant Director Skinner, but the main focus will be on the new agent in charge of the X-Files,
John Doggett.

Robert Patrick, a popular addition last year, remains a starring player on the show, bolstered by the increasingly recurring Monica Reyes and some new additions. All this and, according to Frank Spotnitz, Krycek might be back. “Anything can happen,” he said recently, “I would look at [Krycek’s] dialogue very closely before he got shot.”

The opening episode of the season kicks off the two-part Nothing Important Happened Today, which picks up the pieces of Existence. While Scully is busy looking after baby William, Skinner is concerned over a shooting, presumably that of Krycek, which could be considered a murder and may be on tape. Meanwhile, Agent Reyes is greeted by a familiar face when she is called into the office of Assistant Director Brad Follmer, played by Twister and Princess Bride star Cary Elwes, who just happens to be her ex-boyfriend. Mulder, meanwhile, disappears to places unknown, Scully asking Skinner to keep his vanishing act hush-hush without providing an explanation. So much for paternal duty...

The premise of the episode revolves around a woman named Shannon McMahon (believed to be the part Lucy Lawless is playing), a super-soldier who can breathe underwater and is going around murdering people. There is also a link to some form of cell manipulation.

Further episodes announced to date are Daemonicus (the Latin for Satan) in which Doggett and Reyes investigate the case of a couple apparently attacked by demons. It promises to further explore Doggett’s feelings for Scully and sees the latter starting teaching a course in Quantico, only for her reputation to precede her. Following this is Hellbound, an episode that focuses on Agent Reyes as the lead investigator in a case where people are skinned alive. With this and the promise of a conclusion to the cliffhanger finale of the short-lived The Lone Gunmen, it seems The X-Files has another high quality year ahead of it.

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