Issue 16

ships from July 18

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Welcome to our Witches Special

Spellcasting is becoming a vital skill among today's young people, so we take a look at these Wiccan wonders in all their forms:

Charmed - excerpts here
• A season by season guide to all three years of the show so far, looking at the themes and assorted traumas experienced by the Halliwell sisters. Plus we talk to frequent director Craig Zisk about his work on the series and run through the show's biggest clichés!

WitchbladeSara discovers more about the witchblade
• Executive producer, writer and director Ralph Hemecker explains how it only has a slight similarity to the comics and what trouble Sara Pezzini has in store over the next few weeks...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• Amber Benson looks back on Tara's role in the latest season. Plus, new arrival Steven S DeKnight reveals how to get a job on the Buffy writing staff

Dylan Bierk as The Sorceress Mark IIBeastmaster
• All-new Sorceress Dylan Bierk talks about stepping into the shoes of Monika Schnarre and how this new arrival is treading a dangerous path by helping the Beastmaster...

Plus all these features:

Tomb Raider
• It's doing big business across the world, and we caught up with star Angelina Jolie so she could tell us why Lara Croft has an electric chair in her bedroom and many more behind the scenes secrets!

Raptors: still damned clever Jurassic Park III
• One of this summer's roaring successes, director Joe Johnston and star Sam Neill discuss dinosaurs and wine-producing in Xposé's relaxed company

Osmosis Jones
• The animation directors discuss their work on this new animated/live action movie and the joys and pains of having an antibody as your main character

Siamese Ninja Cats Cats and Dogs
• Producer Andrew Lazar, co-producer Chris Defaria and Sopranos star Joe Pantoliano (who voices Peek) explain how the amazing new pet war movie came together

The Invisible Man
• Still helping Darien keep his Quicksilver madness in check, The Keeper is now starting to get out of her lab a little more. We put on our surgical smocks for a meeting with Shannon Kenny

• Steven Spielberg's visualisation of Stanley Kubrick's incredible future has created much comment about this wonderous movie. Producers Bonnie Curtis and Jan Harlan explain how it all came to be

Jeepers Creepers
• Another scary movie, but this time it's certainly no laughing matter. Join the makers of this terrifying upcoming film as they reveal why this movie is much more terrifying than recent genre fare

• Our long-awaited and much-request guide to season two of dimension-hopping adventures

Earth: Final Conflict
• Sadly no longer in the series, star of three seasons Robert Leeshock looks back on his time as Liam Kincaid and seems strangely happy with what he sees


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