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ships from April 20

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All the decisions you've made have led you to this page: we present Xposé's Destiny Special.

Buffy The Vampire SlayerFrom our Buffy and Angel season guides
• The newest and most fascinating addition to the Buffy cast this season, Michelle Trachtenberg, talks us through the brief life to date of Dawn Summers.
PLUS A full guide to the 4th season of slaying adventures, alongside one for the opening salvo from stablemate Angel's first year
• 20 pages of Buffy and Angel

Roswell's Brendan FehrRoswell
• Like a bit of rough? Brendan Fehr chats about his role as bad boy alien Michael Guerin, the series' ups and downs, and the chances of Roswell getting a third season

Adrienne Wilkinson as EveXena: Warrior Princess
• Taking after her mum? We speak to Xena's daughter, Eve, (aka Adrienne Wilkinson) about the surprise turns she's taken, from psycho champion of Rome to one-god-loving priestess

Wayne Pygram behind the mask Farscape
• As long as he's in John Crichton's mind, there's no getting rid of him. Wayne Pygram explains why Scorpius is an integral part of the third season story arc

First Wave
• We have a long talk with creator and executive producer Chris Brancato about the ups and downs of the show over the last three years and some of the surprises in store late in season three

Dark Angel
• Michael Weatherly gives Xposé the inside scoop on the life of cyber-journalist Logan Cale and how his life has changed since meeting genetically modified Max

Earth: Final Conflict
• It seemed she was merely a hacker, but now J Street is working to save the universe. Melinda Deines to tell us if the human race has a prayer against the Taelons

The stunning Gena Lee Nolin looks back on her first year of jungle escapades and tells us she wants to have another child

• Serpent demon Iara, in the shapely form of Sam Healy, explains the joys of trapping Beastmaster Dar into her web of desire

The Immortal
• Steve Braun uses his brains as he examines the curious lifestyle of immortal squire Goodwin, the man to whom spam is the greatest thing ever made

The Invisible Man
• Mike McCafferty may have stayed in the background before, but in season two he's going to be far more obvious. Eberts reveals the secrets of The Agency

Queen of Swords
• Anthony Lemke says that it's great being evil as we challenge him to a duel of words about his vital role in the action-adventure show

Xposé Investigates
• The claims of hypnotherapist Dr Bruce Goldberg, who claims teleportation and time travel are facts of life

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