Issue 12

ships from July 18

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Welcome to our Earth: Final Conflict Special

With filming underway on Season Four, we go behind the scenes in this 84-page Special, full of exclusive photos and with all these interviews, starting with coverstars:

Robert Leeshock
• The leading man looks back on two years of varying success for Liam Kincaid and looks forward to many more seasons of resistance

Jayne Heitmeyer
• Despite only joining the show a short time ago, she's made a big impression as the powerful woman behind Doors International, who is also a Resistance agent

Leni ParkerDa'an's bad scalp day (Photo  Steve Wilkie/ Visual Imagination Ltd)
• Her appearances as the Taelon Da'an are being cut back this year, but the enigma of the character remains. We asked Leni Parker to shed some light on the North American Companion

Anita La Selva Zo'or's revelation in Apparition
• The evil Zo'or, with his mania for wild experiments, hasn't seemed quite so bad recently, but is it all an act? We ask the woman who plays the androgynous alien what's next for the power-hungry Taelon

George Geiger
• We go to the man who knows to get some hints of forthcoming developments in the conflict, the head writer/producer who joined for Season Three

Costumes & Make-up
• Take a trip to the stylish world of the near future and see what it takes to transform two woman into aliens from another world as we check out the innner workings of the costume and make-up departments.

Set Tour
• Producer and production designer Stephen Roloff takes Xposé on a guided tour of the Earth: Final Conflict sound stages.

Plus all these features:

Xena teams up with Boadicea in The Deliverer Xena: Warrior Princess
• A complete guide to the third season as we find Xena fighting her inner demons and her sidekick, Gabrielle, as the pair's friendship falls apart...

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
• More legendary journeys through the mythological world in our episode guide to the fourth season of Herculean adventures.

Sebastian Spence and Lisa Howard First Wave
• Larry Sugar explains the ins and outs of acting as executive producer on the alien invasion saga, starring Sebastian Spence (seen heere with guest star, E:FC's Lisa Howard

good vs evil
• Despite its cancelation we still love it, and we spoke to the two main stars - Clayton Rohner and Richard Brooks - about their work on the much-missed fantasy-comedy show

Fantasy Clichés
• Think you've seen it all before? Well, you probably have. Xposé exposes the top ten clichés malingering around in current fantasy TV


Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: Renaissance / USA Networks, Steve Wilkie / Visual Imagination Ltd, Tribune Entertainment / Alliance Atlantis, Sci-Fi (US)
• all other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2000