A Breed Apart

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Robert Leeshock alias Liam Kincaid

Now as human as you or I (well almost), Liam Kincaid makes a new alliance in Earth: Final Conflict to aid his Resistance group.

Robert Leeshock explains further to David Bassom via Global.

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Robert Leeshock is on a roll. As Earth: Final Conflict hurtles into its fourth season, Leeshock believes that the alien invasion saga has overcome the trials and tribulations of its opening years and has started to hit its full potential. And the 32-year-old American actor is equally confident that his character, the human-Kimera hybrid Liam Kincaid, has finally emerged as a true hero for the new millennium.

“I really do think we got the show back on track with season three,” Leeshock tells Xposé. “There was a real sense of direction for both the show and my character throughout season three. It was completely different from season two, when there didn’t seem to be any real through-line and my character didn’t seem to have an arc.

“Sometimes it takes a while for these shows to find their own way and their own identity,” he notes. “At times, this has been a classic case of multiple personality disorder! But I think the show has really started to come into its own now. And I hope we can build upon that momentum in season four.”

The fourth season of Earth: Final Conflict follows Major Liam Kincaid’s increasingly desperate struggle to save humanity from the sinister plans of the Taelons. With public sentiment turning against the alien Companions, the undercover Resistance leader finds himself recruited by a powerful new organisation, the Atlantic National Alliance (ANA).

Leeshock’s human-Kimera counterpart remains the only regular whose motives are unquestionably driven by a desire to serve the greater intergalactic good.

“Last year, they consciously decided to recreate my character as a classic lead,” explains Leeshock. “I feel that it’s been written more for me. I’ve understood my character’s point of view about a lot of things and it’s been easier for me to latch on to. Hopefully, all that has been conveyed [to the audience]."

Liam’s rebirth as a human hero has been heralded by a series of radical new looks and hairstyles for the character, which have been designed to emphasize Leeshock’s heartthrob status.

“What do they call it? ‘The beefcake factor’,” he laughs. “They’ve definitely given me some interesting looks recently. I remember I was spiky boy at the start of season three, but we had to tone that down a bit. It was a bit too wild; a bit too Duran Duran or something!

“They also want me to take my shirt off every once in a while. Like in Apparition, they wanted me to wake up in a cold sweat from a scary dream. They say it’s good for the chick factor! It’s funny...”

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