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Welcome to our Xena: Warrior Princess-themed issue. In this 84-page Special...

Xena: From A to ZGabrielle and Xena: facing trials together
• Don't know your Amphipolis from your elbow? Not sure who the gods of war, love and wine are? Here's your chance to explore the Warrior Princess's world with our 10-page guide...

Renee O'Connor
• After dozens of requests, we finally present a long-awaited interview. Renee discusses life as Gabrielle - the bard with attitude - her higher profile in the newest season of Xena due to Lucy Lawless' pregnancy, and her work on independent film Rubbernecking

Stargate SG-1Michael Shanks (Right, with Richard Dean Anderson)
• As production begins on season four, Michael Shanks tells of his recent experiences on the hit show - action, adventure and real-life drama with his own appendix crisis!

Cleopatra 2525Hercules' Nebula: Gina Torres and Kevin Sorbo
• She was Nebula on Hercules, then Cleopatra on Xena. Now she's playing merry Hel on Cleopatra 2525. Confused? Gina Torres sorts it out for us in her own action-packed way

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
• Meanwhile, continuing our series of episode guides, we follow Herc himself through a third year of monsters, gods and mythical mayhem

Robert Trebor
• Best known as Salmoneus in both Hercules and Xena, Robert Trebor discusses both shows, his hopes to return to the screen and his new book, in which Salmoneus answers letters from famous people

Psi Factor
• With season four playing globally, it seemed high time we spoke to the cast (Barclay Hope, Nancy Ann Sakovich) and producer about the series' evolution

Death by Magic
• Charlie O'Connell reappears in our dimension after his time on Sliders, as a magician on a world where magic rules. Find out the background of the UPN TV movie

Pitch Black
Xposé talks to the stars (Vin Diesel, Cole Hauser and Radha Mitchell) about their fight against an alien race on an eclipsed and barren planet

PLUS all these features:

  • The 10th Kingdom
    Behind-the-scenes on this fantasy mini-series in which a girl and her father journey from Manhattan to a strange and wondrous land
  • Now and Again
    Dennis Haysbert on playing the tough Dr Theo Morris: he can provide you with a new body
  • Seven Days
    He's invented a time machine to play with. Sam Whipple's thoughts on playing Dr Ballard and some recent episodes
  • Beastmaster
    Enemy of Dar, the Beastmaster, The Ancient One is a powerful magician. We pinned Grahame Bond down just long enough to get information on Season One of the fantasy drama
  • Witchcraft
    Xposé examines the history of witchcraft on TV, from Sixties classic Bewitched to the more modern Charmed via Sabrina and Buffy.

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: Renaissance / USA Networks, Showtime / MGM, UPN
• all other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2000