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ISSUE 09 ships from 27 Aug 99M UK £3.50 / US $6.99
In this 84-page Special...

New season TV Preview!
Xposé examines what’s in store this fall and interviews some of the stars. 14 different series previewed!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• As well as looking at the new season of Buffy and spin-off Angel, we talk to returning villain / potential ally Spike, as played by James Marsters: "There is a part of Spike that would like to go and hang with Angel again..."

The X-FilesSmoking! It's William B Davis
With Mulder and Scully back for a probable final year on Fox, Xposé spoke to CGB Spender, more commonly known as the Cigarette Smoking Man or indeed William B Davis, about his hopes for his character

Earth: Final Conflict
• With the Liberation all but wiped out and the Taelons rapidly taking control of Earth, it looks like us Earth-people have lost the Final Conflict. Leni Parker, often hidden behind the make-up of Da’an, explains how things are worse for her character. Is it real? Or is it treason?

Is George Lazenby still a Major problem for Jarod?The Pretender
• Renewed for a fourth season, as Jarod is temporarily held captive, Sydney actor Patrick Bauchau finds a spare five minutes to chat about imminent developments

First Wave
• Cade Foster provides some notes on resistance, and Roger R Cross explains how Joshua will be taking a more active role in the Gua invasion of Earth

Seven Days
• Another renewed show that was a hit for UPN last year, Alan Scarfe discusses his role as Talmadge, and what he feels were the highs and lows of the first season

• Following on from our last special, we present a complete guide to season two of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Xena: Warrior Princess
• Also moving on from the last special, we review, and indeed rate, all 22 episodes of Xena’s second year, as well as previewing Season Five

Plus new season previews for all these other shows:
  • Harsh Realm
  • Charmed
  • Roswell
  • Star Trek: Voyager
  • Early Edition
  • LEXX

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: Fox TV, Renaissance, NBC
• all other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 1999