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Feature: Harry Potter

New perils

We talk on-set to stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint…

It’s almost a month since British youngsters said a grudging goodbye to the joys of summer and an unwilling hello to a new school year, but we know of a few children who couldn’t wait to begin their new term. Yes, Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft is opening its doors for Harry Potter’s fourth year as a trainee wizard, and his two best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are, of course, back by his side as the boy wizard faces the trials and tribulations ahead.

Boy, will they have their hands full as The Goblet of Fire hits theaters in November. In the past three films the trio have faced everything together from the giant spider Aragog, to shadowy Dementors, a mythical serpent and even He Who Must Not Be Named and emerged unscathed. This time the pen of JK Rowling sends the young sorcerers on their most perilous and emotionally strained adventure yet… and two of them are loving – almost – every moment of it.

“I think that everything I’ve learned over the past three films and everything I’m learning in life is helping me in my role”, explains Emma Watson. “I’m exactly the same age as Hermione and I can bring everything that’s happening to me to her. I remember particularly through the first two films denying very strongly that I was even close to Hermione’s character, but after the third one and coming into the fourth one now I’m thinking that she might not be such a bad role model that actually I don’t mind too much!”

On the other hand, co-star Rupert Grint didn’t have to wait as long to find a common bond to the character of the brave but fallible Ron. “When I was reading the books I always felt I was like Ron, says the 17-year-old actor. “We’ve both got ginger hair and I’m quite scared of spiders. Stupid things like that!” he laughs.

As the Potter series progresses, the books get longer, the magic gets darker and of course, the cast members and their characters alike get older. This time around issues such as teenage rivalry will factor in the story, revolving around both Harry’s involvement in the Tri-Tournament for the World Cup and the grand Hogwarts Ball. Jealousy also threatens to drive a wedge between Ron and his friends, as Grint explains. “Ron has a hard time at the beginning finding a partner. He has some really embarrassing experiences and he falls out with Harry. He’s just a bit jealous of Harry and he gets a bit jealous of her [Hermione’s] partner,” he gestures at Emma Watson, “because I think he sort of likes Hermione. He’s a bit more moody, more like a real teenager. He has a lot of fights which is something Ron’s never really done and that was quite fun actually”.

So at four films in, has it got easier or harder for Grint? “I think they get a bit more complicated as they go on”, he admits. “I mean this is a new thing for me, being moody. The shoot’s a lot longer as well.”

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Xposé #96
October 2005
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