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Feature: Smallville

Luthor's Core

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

There's love in the air for Lex Luthor…

It’s hard to imagine Michael Rosenbaum sounding sexier than he usually does as Smallville’s Lex Luthor, but he does. Trust me on this. When we speak, the poor soul is suffering from a slight cold, which makes his normally smooth tones just a wee bit deeper and a touch more husky, and yes, I am having way too much fun doing this job. Before I’m swept away by a tidal wave of… um… admiration, I do manage to steer Mr Rosenbaum towards some revelations about his show’s second season by asking what’s going on in small town Kansas this year.

“What’s happening? Well, we’re just working around the clock. We’re seven episodes into the second season and there are lot of twists and turns.” He answers my ‘Like what?’ with a teasing, “Aw! See! I knew the ‘what’ was coming!” A pointed reminder that he is talking to a journalist is met with a scoffing, “I know,” before he rallies and grins, “And there’s always good stuff. Obviously my father, Lionel Luthor [John Glover], is alive and breathing. But we know from the première episode that Lionel’s now blind, so that’s something else that Lex will have to deal with. We’ll be digging into Lex’s past more. In fact, early on, we start digging into Clark’s past too. But that’s all I can tell you. Everything else is meant to be a secret.”

Protests that this magazine is supposed to live up to its name by X-posing secrets bring forth an exclamation of “Oh I know! There’s some sex coming in Smallville. In fact, there’s some sex in Smallville tonight.” As we speak, the second episode of the season is a few hours away from airing in Canada and the US. “The episode is called Heat, so there’s a lot of it about,” says Rosenbaum. Asked who’s having all this sex, he replies, “Let’s just say it’s a big day for Lex. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that there is a scene that was cut. It won’t be airing tonight, but it was a sex scene with me and Krista Allen – who is a very beautiful woman. It’s really good, but they cut it because the powers that be didn’t think they needed it. I think they’ll have to put it on DVD or something because no one will be half as upset as I will be if they don’t show it somewhere.” There’s a lot of laughter when it’s pointed out that millions of hearts will be beating faster at the mere thought, so Warner Brothers take note! Wise to the fact that his interviewer’s mind has drifted down to the gutter, Rosenbaum feigns innocence and winks, “Yeah! There’s this heatwave that comes over Smallville so there’s a lot of sweat in this episode. It’s very hot!”

by Thomasina Gibson

To find out just how far the temperatures rose, see the rest of this interview in:
Xposé #73

Photo © Warner Bros
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Xposé #73
November 2002
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