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Feature: The X-Files - Gish & Patrick on closure

X-Reyes / Dog Eat Doggett

Reyes & Doggett confront the truth in Hellbound She may be the new babe on The X-Files block, but all things must come to an end, as star Annabeth Gish tells us. Plus: Robert Patrick's been Scully's right-hand man for two years, but now the end is nigh…

Forget any dreams of Hollywood glamour you might have. "The first shot I ever did was at three in the morning," says Annabeth Gish, recalling her entry into the world of The X-Files, "on a dark hillside an hour and a half outside of LA. It was an unknown crew, I didn't know anyone, and I had to run down a hill yelling ‘Stop! I'm a federal agent!' It was quite the introduction to The X-Files. I was very nervous. I remember being very determined to do a good job on this show because I have such respect for what it is."

Some things don't change. A year later, Gish is the series' joint-lead, and on a shiny Saturday afternoon where everybody but the vampires are out of bed, she's been catching up on her sleep after shooting until dawn on one of the series' final episodes. William is directed by returning star David Duchovny, and this particular scene involved Reyes, Doggett and Scully and her baby William. So do such nocturnal shoots get easier with time?

"I've become more accustomed to it," Annabeth Gish says, with an air of resignation. "My endurance levels, my stamina is stronger, and I've got the rhythm of the show. It's just a challenging show to do."

Unfortunately, as the old saying chimes, all good things must come to an end. After nine years of hunting down aliens, investigating the unknown, and dealing with twisted conspiracies, The X-Files is closing down shop. Once a ratings juggernaut, the show has slowly been slipping in viewers over the last couple of years. Arguably, it could have survived another season so when creator Chris Carter broke the cancellation news, it came as a shock.

"I was surprised, he caught me off guard when he told me," Gish says. "Everybody was wondering what was going to happen next season. It was kind of bittersweet, because I was just hitting stride with Monica and wanting to know more and do more with her. I also appreciate The X-Files is a much larger thing than me and my character. In that sense, I appreciate very much how they've decided to elegantly close their curtain on their terms."

Meanwhile Robert Patrick, the series' male lead over the last two years, admits "I was kind of hoping that it would go a bit further. I love the character and I love the gig - for very selfish reasons. One, I'm in LA. Two, I get to see my kids every night. When you're doing movies, you're up on locations. I can't take my kids out of school, etc. So it's been very exciting for me to be rooted somewhere, and it's a job very much like working in a factory. And I get paid to act every day! So, yeah, I am disappointed. But I understand the fact that it's got to stop."

The most awaited of the remaining episodes must be The Truth, the two-hour series finale that's set to air on May 19. Duchovny will return as Mulder, meaning that the plot may center on closing out the Mulder-Scully relationship. Chances are that the romantic intrigue between Doggett and Reyes won't be fully resolved. Queried as to how he'd like to see the love quadrangle played out, Patrick smiles. "It'd be great if we all had some sex," he jokes. "Group sex. I have no idea..."

by Bryan Cairns & Ian Spelling

Read more of both interviews (seven pages in total) in this issue:
Xposé #67

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