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Xposé #65 • ships from Feb 08 • UK £3.25 / US $5.99

Angel - interview extract here
• He’s the new boss, not remotely the same as the old boss (the English accent, glasses and an ability to tan set him apart). Alexis Denisof looks back on Wesley’s rise to the headship of Angel Investigations - and ahead to how the office’ll work now it needs a creche…

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Stargate SG-1's Tony AmendolaStargate SG-1
• As America waits for the crucial final run of Season Five, Tony Amendola reveals what’s in store for Jaffar master Bra’tac as he returns to the show, and how he’d like the character to die

Wesley Snipes as BladeBlade 2
• As Wesley Snipes’ vampire hunter returns to theaters, writer David Goyer and director Guillermo del Toro explain how they increased the bloodshed, with a terrifying new foe

Mutant X's Victoria PrattMutant X
• The latest in a comprehensive series of interviews with the genetically-enhanced team reveals why Victoria Pratt hesitated before taking the plunge to play Shalimar Fox…

The Mothman Prophecies
• Richard Gere investigates a mystery involving a journalist's late wife, a terrible apparition and prophecies of disaster in his latest movie, and tells us how he feels about the supernatural, fatherhood, and… singing?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• If you think dating is difficult in real life, imagine doing it in Sunnydale! We conjure up some letters from the Scooby gang - and their Angel Investigations colleagues - to the Host of the best Agony column in town…

• He's a legend reborn! The original Beastmaster, Marc Singer, returns twenty years after he made the first film, to provide guidance for his successor Daniel Goddard - on both sides of the camera, as director and guest star

10 Things You Never Knew About...
Dark Angel 's pleasantly enhanced star Jessica Alba


  • Reviews
    We check out The Mothman Prophecies, the new TV movies for The Pretender and Babylon 5, and latest episodes of Dark Angel, Special Unit 2, Smallville and The Invisible Man
  • In the News
    X-Files RIP. Find out why, and also whether Special Unit 2 and Roswell have a future
  • Coming Attractions...
    Peter Pan faces an old enemy in Return to Neverland, and Blade faces a new one in
    Blade 2: Bloodhunt

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