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Xposé #64 • ships from Jan 04 • UK £3.25 / US $5.99

Mutant X
• No tights please, they’re superheroes. Mutant X teamsters Lauren Lee Smith and Forbes March (alias empath Emma and structurally fluid Jesse) explain why lycra is out and ass-kicking is in for today’s heroes

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Buffy's Danny Strong (Jonathan)Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• After five years as hapless Sunnydale High student Jonathan, Danny Strong has turned over a new leaf. He tells us why his alter-ego’s now becoming a supervillain

Jayne Heitmeyer as Earth: Final Conflict's ReneeEarth: Final Conflict
• The last battle (with the Atavus menace) is almost upon us, and humanity’s fate rests in the capable hands of Renee Palmer, as the series’ remaining star Jayne Heitmeyer explains

Patrick Warburton as the TickThe Tick
• As the cult comic book comes to the small screen, star Patrick Warburton discusses his role as the most hapless beefy superhero around. Not to mention the bluest...

The Lord of the Rings
• As The Fellowship of the Ring surges through box office records, Sean Bean reveals why his character Boromir was unable to resist the One Ring's temptations

Dark Angel
• JC Mackenzie describes the background of Max’s hellish boss - the ironically named Normal, who is of course anything but…

10 Things You Never Knew About...
• the head of the Mutant X team, John Shea

Xposé Investigates...
The Mothman Prophecies. Discover the chilling truth behind Richard Gere’s new movie. Did a man from space really foretell disaster?


  • Reviews
    The Lord of the Rings' first film reviewed, plus the latest episodes of Buffy, Roswell, and Earth: Final Conflict, and the season premieres of The X-Files, Dark Angel and The Tick
  • In the News
    Arnie Schwarzenegger signs up for Terminator 3 and studios rush to find the next Harry Potter - could it be CS Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles?
  • Coming Attractions...
    Take a trip into the future with Guy Pearce aboard The Time Machine

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