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Xposé #63ships from Dec 13 • UK £3.25 / US $5.99

The X-Files
• This time, she’s serious! Gillian Anderson reveals why she’s definitely leaving the X-Files after Season Nine, how it feels doing the show without Duchovny - and why she’ll miss Scully once it’s all over

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Julie Benz as Angel's DarlaAngel
• She turned him into a vampire, forced him to stake her, and then came back from the afterlife to bear a child. Julie Benz on the surprisingly long life of her alter-ego, Darla

Ian McKellen as GandalfThe Lord of the Rings
• Middle-earth's elder statesmen, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee and John Rhys Davies, discuss the genius of Tolkien and their roles as Gandalf, Saruman and Gimli

The Pretender: Jarod and Miss ParkerThe Pretender
• As Jarod and Miss Parker embark for The Island of the Haunted, Jamie Denton tells how he became the insane Mr Lyle, and reveals some Centre secrets awaiting them

Brotherhood of the Wolf
• As the Gallic Horror hit reaches American screens, director Christophe Gans and star Mark Dacascos explain how they took am 18th-Century French legend and turned it into up to the minute Horror

We conclude our chat with Kevin Sorbo, as he discusses the end of Hercules and his current series

From Hell
Directors Allen and Albert Hughes on why two African-Americans were the perfect choice to direct a ghetto tale set in Victorian London

10 Things You Never Knew About...
• the new Halliwell sister in Charmed, Rose McGowan

Xposé Investigates...
• Father Christmas. Could Santa Claus really visit every child in a single night?


  • Reviews
    Our team assess Harry Potter, Monsters Inc and The One, not to mention the season premieres of Roswell, Earth: Final Conflict and Smallville, and the latest Angel episodes
  • In the News
    The Battlestar Galactica revival stalls, Star Trek X enters production with cameos from Janeway and Wesley, Andromeda loses its creative heart and the latest on Shyamalan's Signs plus the Hannibal prequel
  • Coming Attractions...
    The Mothman Prophecies decoded, and the Brotherhood of the Wolf hits town

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