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Selected from
Xposé #61

Austin Powers Up Goldmember

Austin (c) Grant 2001Oh yeah, baby, Austin Powers is coming back for another portion of cinematic sexiness in what could possibly be the final part of the International Man of Mystery's trilogy - Goldmember. "We tried very hard to make this the ultimate Austin," director Jay Roach told Variety. "Mike has delivered something here that is extraordinary and nicely stitches together all three films and creates a satisfying third chapter of the trilogy."

As well as becoming super-sexy spy Austin, the maniacal Dr Evil and immense henchman Fat Bastard, creator/superstar Mike Myers will also be bringing his latest megalomaniac evil-doer to the screen himself, as the title character Goldmember. "It's the most interesting, exotic villain people have seen in a long time," Roach explains, "and every time Mike lapsed into the character in readings, we would literally lose it and take time to regain our composure."

This is all very well, but what would Austin Powers be without his bevy of babes? Why, surely it would almost be like our dear editor without his raincoat! July 2002 is the current projected date for the third Austin movie, which is also hoping to bring back Verne Troyer, Seth Green, Robert Wagner and hopefully Rob Lowe.

MiB 2 Changes

As a consequence of the horrendous happenings in New York City on September 11, the ending of Barry Sonnenfeld's Men in Black 2 has been completely altered.

MiB, first time aroundThe original final moments of the film were to have two spaceships emerge from the twin towers of the World Trade Center in a strikingly similar plot device to that used at the end of the original, whereas now the production will utilize another, as yet unspecified, landmark.

"I just asked that today with Barry what they were thinking about doing," special effects maestro Rick Baker told press while on the set, "because as you probably heard, the World Trade Center was involved in the end of the movie. Anyway, the same stuff basically happens, [but] it's going to be a different backdrop."

MiB2 wasn't the only genre movie to be hit by the disaster, as the date for Simon Wells' Time Machine remake has been rescheduled (to February 2002) in time to re-shoot the ending - which initially had chunks of the moon falling on New York.

Indie Comic News

PreacherAs Hellboy and The Preacher struggle to be free from development hell, another much-cherished indie comic may well be getting the big-screen treatment. Madman, a naïve superhero who is created after an experiment by a mad doctor to bring back to life a car-crash victim, could be going before the kinetic lens of fan Robert Rodriguez. 'Spy Kids 2 is going before the cameras very soon,' Madman creator Mike Allred told Comics2Film, 'and, as he's told me, he will then do Madman.'

The long-established comic series has become a huge cult success since it began in 1994, always providing speculation as to whether a film would arrive. The project has long been in Mr Rodriguez's clutches, an option that has now been renewed, meaning that the film may finally see the lights, camera and quirky superhero action.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned movies in development hell continue to move slowly towards a green light, as producer Lloyd Levin recently told Comics2Film. 'Vin Diesel is definitely interested [in Hellboy]. Guillermo [del Toro] is still set to direct. We're all hoping we can work this out so it's his next film after Blade 2.' Meanwhile, Preacher looks set to finally go ahead in November, with Tank Girl director Rachel Talalay behind the lens.

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