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Kevin Sorbo amongst his Andromeda co-stars

Treasure Hunt

First he was a half-god, now he's moved up to saving the universe in Andromeda. Xpose's outgoing editor Paul Spragg joined the High Guard in order to meet the legendary Kevin Sorbo.

Excerpts selected from Xposé #61

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Kevin Sorbo © Barbara Harvey, outgoing editor's motherKevin Sorbo has had a phenomenal rise to power in genre television. In 1993 he made a big splash as the latest incarnation of Greek half-god Hercules, mythology's strongest man. Now, Sorbo is better known as heroic captain Dylan Hunt, commander of the Andromeda Ascendant, a ship trying to recreate a planetary consortium known as the Systems Commonwealth in order to bring peace back to the galaxy, in Andromeda.

Sorbo thankfully hasn't lost his friends from his years on Hercules, however. "Michael Hurst and I keep in touch quite often through the Internet and talk on the phone once a month. He's coming up sometime prior to the end of the season to do an episode [of Andromeda], so I'm bringing back my old sidekick Iolaus. And Bruce Campbell [a name very familiar to Xposé readers by now] is also coming up to do an episode. So it'll be kind of fun to get together. I certainly miss it."

After a spectacular debut performance that saw the show remain at the top of the syndicated action show ratings for the whole year, the actor is just as hot a property in Andromeda. Does this have a tendency to make the actor feel he's solely responsible? "As actors we're all very insecure and our egos are huge and we like people to say we're wonderful. They voted for the top 10 syndicated people and I got number three behind Oprah and Regis. So I said, 'That's good company, I'll take that!' I think the name, because of the success of Hercules, it certainly carries a cachet. Right now I'm very fortunate to have a big TV rating, I guess, overseas as well."

Sorbo was unwilling to reveal details of what's in the pipeline for season two of Andromeda, but explains that "Everybody comes back..." when concerns are expressed about the way the season cliffhanger left the crew. "We will be adding a new female, possibly in the crew, possibly recurring, we don't know for sure, that will be a love interest for Captain Hunt. There was talk first that Beka Valentine and Captain Hunt would get together, but I fought against that. I said, 'That's the I Dream of Jeannie syndrome.' You've gotta keep that relationship more professional."

Sadly, Sorbo has no idea who he'll be getting closer to in episodes to come. "No, but they are going to stunt cast it. They want to bring in a name. There's a few floating around, but I really don't know where they're gonna go with it." Meanwhile, some high profile guest stars have already put in an appearance, such as Buffy star James Marsters.

"He'll be recurring, possibly, if he's got time out of his Buffy schedule," explains Sorbo. "He did a good job. The part [a foppish Nietzschean named Charlemagne Bolivar] originally was written for Bruce Campbell, and Bruce was unavailable because of a book he wrote; he was on a book tour. James brought a whole different take on the part. He was great, he was very funny. He actually put a very British twist to it, to his dialogue..."

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