Xposé #60ships from Sept 13 UK £3.25 / US $5.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

• Our tip to be the hot new hit this season, star Kristin Kreuk talks about the joy and pain of dating teenager Clark Kent, a man with a very unusual secret, in her guise of Lana Lang. Excerpts online now!

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William Sadler - That's Sheriff to you boy...Roswell
• William Sadler looks back on two years of change for his character, Sheriff Jim Valenti, and ahead to the surprises that await in season three, where he'll be seeking a new job

Tyler Labine in Dead LastDead Last
• A rock band finds an amulet that allows them to see ghosts. With hilarious consequences! We talk to real-life and on-screen drummer Tyler Labine about his role on the show

Those Top Trumps are back again! The X-Files
• Ever wondered how Krycek would get on if you pitted him against a gray alien? Well now you can! Rating the villains, it's time for set three of our popular Top Trumps!

Danny Woodburn, aka Carl the GnomeSpecial Unit 2
• As Season 2 heads for our screens, Danny Woodburn, also known as Carl the Gnome, gives us some hints on what we can expect from the show. The odd armed robbery, apparently

The Invisible Man
• The hard taskmaster known as The Official gets his turn in the spotlight as Eddie Jones tells us the inside story of where his character came from and where he might be heading

Strange Frequency
• Just out on VH1, this anthology series tells spooky stories with a musical bent. Writer/co-producer Joe Anaya explains how they attracted big name stars to the show like Roger Daltrey and James Marsters

10 Things You Never Knew About...
• Yancy Butler, the husky-voiced, interestingly-named and excitingly-eyebrowed star of Witchblade...

Xposé Investigates...
• The invention that seems to have been created ahead of its time: the Baghdad Battery


  • Reviews
    We warn you about Ghosts of Mars, send you to see The Others and get to the end of First Wave and The Immortal via the latest episodes of Stargate SG-1 and The Invisible Man
  • In the News
    Lucy Lawless takes on a new role in The X-Files, Majel Barrett Roddenberry divorces herself from her husband's baby, Star Wars: Episode II becomes 'the film which must not be named' and Tron prepares for a new era!
  • Coming Attractions...
    Kevin gets quite literally Spacey as he is taken to a psychiatrist when he claims he's an alien wanting to return to K-PAX, and Tony Shalhoub inherits a haunted house and thinks it would be cool live in it, little realizing he could be the latest addition to the ranks of 13 Ghosts

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