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Species TV

Natasha Henstridge: wants to kill, maim and destroyNot content with unleashing a dodgy puppet alien on us with extendable nipples in Species and a camp tongue-in-cheek sequel in Species 2, the people behind the scenes seem to be looking to the box in the corner of your living room for the latest sexy alien fun.

While talking at a recent press conference, the human face of the franchise, Natasha Henstridge, accidentally let the cat out of the bag. "I think they are thinking about doing a TV show, a series. I'm pretty sure," Henstridge commented, adding, "I think TV has gotten so good. I really do. And I would love to be a part of some of them, absolutely. If the right thing came along. You never quite know what that is, though, you never know if it's going to be great or not. But, yeah, I would."

Virtuality Ready

Tron: Back and even better?As the 20th Anniversary DVD edition of Disney's ground-breaking computer-based adventure Tron appears in stores across the US, plans are still afoot to bring back the concept, thanks to writer/director Steven Lisberger.

"I have several characters that will be completely digital creations," Lisberger told The Hollywood Reporter, "but I'm not trying to replace actors. I'd like the sequel to retain the artistic look of the original, while employing more cutting-edge technology and introducing a new cast of characters. We could do a movie that looks like the original today for $200,000."

In the 20 years since the first film's arrival, technology has altered immeasurably, meaning that a new movie would mean some major changes to the main character.

"Tron's been updated, and he could be completely different from when we saw him before.

It's exciting that this is all happening. Everyone involved wants to make a Tron sequel, and we have lots of directions we could go. It's just a matter of waiting for a green light."

While we wait for that green light, Disney will be keeping us busy with that Special Edition DVD and a new video game.

More Exorcize

The Evil looking kid - aaah sweet sweet girl..As the horror genre recovers from its teen slasher over-exertions, studio heads are turning to the past for inspiration. Consequently, the long awaited prequel to The Exorcist is gaining momentum, as well as a director. John Frankenheimer has signed on to direct the film, which should start production next spring in the US and Africa and tells the tale of Father Merrin's first encounter with the Devil. The project has absolutely nothing to do with either William Peter Blatty or William Friedkin.

Another classic slice of horror getting the contemporary treatment is George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Following in the footsteps of the 1990 remake of the first in the undead trilogy, Night of the Living Dead, by Romero collaborator Tom Savini, this chapter will be updated by producer Richard P Rubenstein (The Stand, Thinner and the Dune TV series), based on a script by James Gunn (Scooby-Doo).

"Everyone involved has a tremendous amount of respect for the integrity of George Romero's film," Rubenstein told Variety, "and we see the re-make as more of an update than a re-invention."

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