Xposé #59ships from Aug 08 UK £3.25 / US $5.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

• As the new term gears up to start, lead humans Liz and Maria, aka Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino, discuss what they'd like to see happen in season three, from romantic entanglements to, er, robbing convenience stores? Excerpts online now!

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You talkin to me? Burton goes apePlanet of the Apes
• Tim Burton joins the cast in discussing the latest blockbusting creature feature: a new remake of the tale in which apes rule the Earth and humans are merely slaves

Brandy Ledford - the copThe Invisible Man
• Newest addition to the cast Brandy Ledford talks about how she's been working hard to fit in with the ad-libbing lunatics on set and making a hard-nosed agent seem likeable

Joss Whedon's Fray © Dark Horse Comics Buffy & Angel
• The man in charge, Joss Whedon, on Buffy's imminent resurrection, how Angel and his expanded gang will face recurring enemies, plus his current comic series, Fray

Jurassic Park III
• As the dinosaur movie continues to tear up box offices worldwide, screen couple William H Macy and Téa Leoni discuss the traumas of facing terrors with sharp teeth

• Jake McCarty has a secret; but actor David Chokachi isn't telling anyone what it is. We met up with Sara Pezzini's partner for a word about TNT's well-received original series

The Chronicle
• A new kind of reporter is on the case: Tucker Burns joins the Chronicle team to expose the truth behind the strangest stories of the day

10 Things You Never Knew About...
• Lorenzo Lamas, the sword-wielding hero of The Immortal, who's had more wives than you've had...

Xposé Investigates...
• The curse that plagues the Hope Diamond's owners


  • Reviews
    Checking out Jurassic Park III, Final Fantasy and Planet of the Apes at the movies, plus episodes of some of your favorite TV shows: Stargate SG-1, Seven Days, The Invisible Man, First Wave and Earth: Final Conflict
  • In the News
    Guy Pearce steps into The Time Machine, Dan Dare changes to a more futuristic form, Max from Dark Angel goes under the microscope, Chris Carter stays on for more X-Files and the comics world heads for the cinema
  • Coming Attractions...
    Join Harry Potter for a spot of Hogwarts magic as he starts his first year at wizards' school, and see the terrifying future of the world through the eyes of John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars

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