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T3 Goes Diesel • Robots rise up in threequel?

Vin Diesel ©Grant Kempster / Visual ImaginationIf, like some of the residents here at Xposé headquarters, you held your head in dismay at the news of Terminator 3 employing a female cyborg for novelty value, then this next bit of news will have you dancing around with glee: Hollywood writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris have been brought in to reprogram Tedi Sarafian’s weak script. Proving once again that the future is not set, they have stripped out the girlie cyborg and will hopefully be giving us the harder edge that a sequel of this magnitude deserves.

Having previously penned the David Fincher-directed movie The Game, this latest news bodes very well indeed. So if there’s no female Terminator, who will play the lead? While we all know Arnie will be back, the preliminary title being banded about – ‘Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines’ – suggests there may be more bad-ass robots stomping around, and according to the Calgary Sun, one of those may well be Mr Vin Diesel. We’re more than happy with that one.

There’s currently no start date for T3, although at this rate we reckon the whole project could well go the way of the ill-fated Superman update, with all involved being unable to agree on how to do it or fulfill the immense expectation. We’ll see.

Roswell 3, Skins 1

Isabel's body make-up didn't go down too well at the PromThose looking forward to the newly-housed Roswell’s third season have got some surprises in store if recent rumors are to be believed. Not only will Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes return to direct the first episode of the year but Melinda Metz (the talented lady behind the original Roswell High books) has joined the writing staff. On the spoiler front – those who don’t want to know, avert your eyes – the third year looks like it’s going to start with quite a bang!


Don’t say we didn’t warn you! It seems as if our Isabel has found herself a new boyfriend in the shape of Jesse, a hot-shot lawyer at her dad’s law firm. Except it seems Jesse isn’t his real name and he’s Max’s arch-enemy!

King's Talisman

Long-time Stephen King collaborator, writer/director Mick Garris, recently talked of the much anticipated – not to mention long-awaited – adaptation of collaboration novel The Talisman, written by King and Peter Straub. Way back in the Eighties, Steven Spielberg was attached to direct the story of Jack, a 12-year-old boy who has to travel cross-country to save his mother’s life, dipping into a dangerous alternate dimension occasionally to gain speed and the trinket of the title. Now, over a decade later, the script is back in production, with Garris behind the pen for what will be a four-part TV mini-series.

“They developed it for years, but once they decided to do it for television, I was lucky enough to be involved in those conversations,” Garris told Cinescape. “I had just done The Others on TV with Spielberg and Dreamworks, and I knew Frank [Marshall] and Kathy [Kennedy] from my Amazing Stories days. After all the King work I’ve done for television, maybe I became the obvious choice.” This news will no doubt please the huge fanbase that The Talisman has, including amongst others UK rockers Ash, whose track Jack Names The Planets was inspired by the book, and hidden on their first album, 1977. (Sure you don't mean 'from their mini-album Trailer' ? - Web. Ed.)

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