Xposé #57ships from June 06UK £3.25 / US $5.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

Xena: Warrior Princess
• Lucy Lawless stops by to give us her thoughts on the last days of Xena as she hangs up her sword, chakram, bodice and breast dagger for good...

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Up close with Final Fantasy's Aki RossFinal Fantasy: Spirits Within
• The most realistic computer animation in a movie to date? Chris Lee was pixellated to be the film's producer, and reveals how the gaming franchise made its way from console to screen

Ivan Reitman directs a shady DuchovnyEvolution
• David Duchovny takes on alien invaders overseen by director Ivan Reitman, who explains how he's been waiting years for a 'threat to the world' script as good as that of Ghostbusters...

Jennifer O'Dell and a lizard: spot the differenceConan Doyle's The Lost World
• Jennifer O'Dell guides us around a tropical paradise, armed only with a map of where the dinosaurs are, a quest to find her parents and a jiggly bosom. How useful could those be?

The X-Files
• Now season eight has ended, we joined executive producer and long-time right hand man of Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, on a tour of the highs and lows of both The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen and asked how Robert Patrick did in his first year

Earth: Final Conflict
• Zo'or is no mo're! Or so it seemed at the end of the latest season. We asked Anita La Selva if her character is really gone for good, and got some insight into the premise for the next season of the sci-fi show

The Animal
• Rob Schneider's up to his mad old tricks again, and this time his partner in crime is Survivor's Colleen Haskell. The pair explain how a movie about a man whose organs are replaced with animal parts is actually very funny indeed...

10 Things You Never Knew About...
• Everyone's favourite blonde alien, Katherine Heigl alias Isabel from Roswell

Xposé Investigates...
• the long-lost Ark of the Covenant. You know, 'Ark', as in 'Raiders of the Lost...'

  • Reviews
    It's season finale month as we examine how your favorite shows ended, from Buffy, Angel, Roswell, and Charmed to The X-Files. Which is "an excellent conclusion to two strong years" and which is "possibly the most dismal finale of any show this season"? Plus, we throw in some Invisible Man and Xena and give thought to The Animal and Shrek in theaters.
  • In the News
    David Duchovny sets off to recover his life, Giles makes the break from Buffy, The Matrix gets a title, The Mummy and Jurassic Park look set for yet more sequels...
  • Coming Attractions...
    We visit the Planet of the Apes (or is it Earth all along?) and try to work out how the characters in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within look so lfelike in this month's previews

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