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The Lone Gunmen
• As the Gunmen go it alone, stars Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund explain how it all came to be, and talk about their surprise at being asked after eight years of short scenes to star in their own show

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Teryl RotheryStargate SG-1
• After last issue's revelations, the close trio of Amanda Tapping, Don S Davis and Teryl Rothery chat about their lives off-set, the need for more sex on screen and their future plans

Traci Lords First Wave
• Now the third season has wrapped filming, Traci Lords looks back on her 22 episodes and told us how the show has changed with her presence and got even better!

JS Cardone directs...The Forsaken
• Kerr Smith and Roswell's Brendan Fehr go out vampire hunting in this road-trip movie with a bloodthirsty difference. We spoke to the director and writer, JS Cardone

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
• As it gradually builds its audience on The Sci-Fi Channel, Jules Verne himself, aka star of the show Chris Demetral, explained the joys and pains of living inventively in Victorian times

• The gorgeous Destine only has one mission: tempt Dar and Tao into her clutches so that she can reveal her true identity. Danielle Spencer enticed our journalist with the offer of words about the latest season

The Outer Limits
• A new season and a new network, but The Outer Limits hasn't lost its touch. Executive producer and occasional writer Mark Stern provides some hints of things to come

Xposé Investigates...
• The curious case of the missing crew who left the Mary Celeste without a trace

10 Things You Never Knew About...
• One of the leading Aussie hunks in the TV industry, Charmed's half-demon all man Julian McMahon

  • Reviews this month:
    all the usual joys, including a look at recent flop Monkeybone plus the latest episodes of The X-Files, Buffy, Angel, Roswell, First Wave, Charmed, Xena, Stargate SG-1's fourth year finale and the opening two episodes of The Lone Gunmen.
  • In the News this month:
    David Hasselhoff gets defrosted for more turbo boosting and pursuit mode action; Clive Barker, Steven Spielberg and Stephen King head for TV; Battlestar Galactica returns, Marvel get more movies made and we try to get the producers of the new Star Trek series to cast Scott Bakula
  • Coming Attractions goes hunting with The Forsaken and gets its skates on for a turn round the ring in the remake of Rollerball

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