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Knight Time Again? Unthawing David Hasselhoff

Unthawing Hasselhoff ©Grant Kempster / Visual ImaginationAre you ready to take another shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist? Do you fancy catching up with a loner who's on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law? And all of this without messing up his perm? If you are, then you're in luck, as during a recent online chat, Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff announced plans to once again resurrect the Eighties TV show, this time for the big screen.

The proposed plot is to have our Michael fatally poisoned and consequently cryogenically frozen in the hope that some time in the future an antidote will be available. Flash forward 1000 years and Michael is woken up Austin Powers-style to continue his crusade, along with Devon (great great grand-niece of the original one), her organization FLAG - The Foundation for Law and Government - and a brand new KITT...

Sci-Fi Dreams

Stephen KingFancy tuning into the latest episode of the Spielberg series, or maybe this week's Stephen King? Or perhaps you would prefer the next episode of the Clive Barker series? Well, if those dreamy ideas seem too good to be true then you're in for a shock, because the Sci-Fi Cable Network will be showcasing the trio's talents in the very near future.

Steven Spielberg will be producing a 20-episode season of Taken, an epic story which begins in the 1940s, and focuses on three families over the course of 50 years who are occasionally abducted by aliens.

Clive Barker should be bringing his Marvel comic book series Saint Sinner to the screen, which tells the story of a 19th Century monk who accidentally unleashes two female demons into the world, and must then track them down in modern-day Los Angeles.

Finally, Stephen King is looking to ignite a four-hour mini-series from his popular novel Firestarter, which would take place 20 years after the first film, no doubt again dealing with The Shop and their experimental ESP dabblings. All three are expected to go into production some time this year.

Craven Images

Wes Craven is to continue his commitment to bringing old horror themes to new audiences (who could forget Dracula 2000… oh, you did), by directing an updated version of the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story. The movie, which will be penned by Jurassic Park 3's Craig Rosenberg, will apparently add new twists to Robert Louis Stevenson's plot and will be produced by Richard Gladstein and long-time Craven associate Marianne Maddalena.

So what's next then? A spooky modern-day take on Sweeney Todd set in the heart of London's club-land, featuring an impoverished hairdresser with a pie fetish? Actually, you know…

Although there's no start date for this production as yet, bearing in mind it's a Dimension production we could expect it to be in theaters a week on Wednesday.

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