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• David Boreanaz takes out his fangs for a chat about the ongoing evolution of Angel and his home life over the last year or so. Intimate secrets revealed!

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The Stargate SG-1 trioStargate SG-1
• One is usually trouble enough, so when three of the SG-1 regulars get into the same room for a chat... Amanda Tapping, Don S Davis and Teryl Rothery get free rein to go crazy!

Gigi Edgley as ChianaFarscape
• As season three gears up for its launch on Sci-Fi, we borrowed a little of Gigi Edgley's time to discuss her role of Chiana. How long is she happy to play the spritely grey one?

Seven Days' Justina VailSeven Days
• The gorgeous Justina Vail looks back on recent events in the Seven Days universe and the building relationship between her brainy character of Olga and Frank Parker

The Immortal
• Rather than living the high life of parties and exciting social gatherings, Dr Sara Beckman has chosen to spend her time in the company of two old men. April Telek answers the question, 'What were you thinking?'

• The ship's engineer Seamus Harper, aka Gordon Michael Woolvett, explains his role on the show and how he got involved in the first place by being Kevin Sorbo's stalker

The Invisible Man
• He's been absent from our screens for a while, but when he popped up on The Invisible Man, we took the opportunity to quiz ST: TNG's Wil Wheaton about what he's been up to in recent years

Xposé Investigates...
• The piece of sacred cloth (or ingenious medieval fakery) that is the Shroud of Turin

10 Things You Never Knew About...
• The woman behindFarscape's deadest heroine Aeryn Sun - in other words, Claudia Black

  • Reviews this month:
    we continue our episode-by-episode reviews of Charmed, Xena: Warrior Princess, Stargate SG-1, The Invisible Man, First Wave, Seven Days and Earth: Final Conflict. We also cover the concluding back-to-back episodes of Cleopatra 2525 and Jack of All Trades, and bring you word on three movies:Dungeons and Dragons, Valentine and The Gift...
  • In the News this month:
    The godlike entity known as Bruce Campbell gets his own movie, Sixth Sense looks towards a prequel, Ang Lee works his magic on The Hulk, Smallville gets ready to shoot and Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz get excited about The Lone Gunmen
  • Coming Attractions previews the next phase of human Evolution and Gary Sinise running from the machinations of an Impostor

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