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All Hail to the King! The mighty Bruce is back!

If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll no doubt know that if there’s one man from genre TV and movies that we here at Xposé HQ like to put on a big shiny pedestal, then it’s your friend and mine Bruce Campbell.

All Shook Up: Bruce as Elvis ©Grant Kempster / Visual Imagination It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with the Brucester; in fact we’ve not uttered his name since Jack of All Trades went to the great canceled TV show place in the sky. So what better time to find out what the man who would be king, if someone would only give him that jewel-encrusted crown, has been up to. Brucey has four movies lined up on his schedule right now, beginning with old pal Sam Raimi’s web-slinging epic Spider-Man, wherein he plays a gold-jacket-wearing commentator during one of Spidey’s first battles in the ring.

Next up should be the troubled Servicing Susan (which might not mean what you think it means), a romantic comedy with Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley, followed by The Majestic with Jim Carrey and, finally, a movie which immediately turned our heads in a 360 degree spin – Bubba Ho-Tepp. If we tried to explain the plot to you it would take all day, so best that we leave it up to our Bruce to elaborate.

‘Check out this concept, gang. I play a geriatric old geezer – a 70-year-old in a rest home who thinks he’s Elvis,’ Bruce told his loyal fans on his website. ‘I team up with another old geezer at the home, Ossie Davis, who thinks he’s JFK, and together we set out to defeat the evil mummy, Bubba Ho-Tepp.’ The king is dead, but long live King Bruce. Thank you very much.

Second Sense

Bruce Willis: Senseless?No, I hear you cry, M Night Shyamalan would never try to follow up his sleeper hit with a dodgy sequel! Well, you’d be absolutely right about that; however, that doesn’t preclude the production company who own the rights to any sequels or prequels – Spyglass Entertainment – from having a bash themselves. In their recent 525-page booklet outlining their upcoming marketing strategy, mention was made of a possible series of spin-off books from the Bruce Willis spooky thriller, plus a second film.

The report revealed that ‘Given the blockbuster status of the initial release, we are in the process of developing storylines for the sequel to The Sixth Sense.’ The document also detailed plans to finally bring Douglas Adams’ Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to the screen, and a sequel to Jackie Chan’s Shanghai Noon, set in England and entitled Shanghai Knights.

Frightful Bill

Yearning for Bill Shatner to return to your TV set? Yes? Well, have we got news for you. Word has it that big Shat could be fronting the new tongue-twisting anthology show William Shatner’s Full Moon Frightshow for syndicated channels.

The series, which would rehash Full Moon’s extensive back-catalog of dodgy straight-to-video fodder (such as the Puppet Master series), will begin with a limited run of just 12 episodes, trimmed down to fit neatly into the program slot.

In other Bill news, the Star Trek star recently got married to Elizabeth Martin at a ceremony in Indiana on February 13. And, in wedding related news, so did yours truly on the February 17, to the lovely Sonya at the world famous Blacksmith’s Shop in Gretna Green, Scotland. [The Xposé team extends its heartiest congratulations – Ed]

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