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Buffy top trumpsThe X-Files
• Last month we spoke to old hand Gillian Anderson. This issue Robert Patrick rates how he's doing in the new series and we run our eye over his CV past and future

Earth: Final Conflict Earth: Final Conflict
• Liam's main ally Renee Palmer, alias actress Jayne Heitmeyer, provides some hints of things to come as we get the lowdown on the opening few episodes of season four!

Anthony Stewart HeadBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• Ex-Watcher Rupert Giles, aka Anthony Stewart Head, talks about his career path from Rocky Horror to being a tweed-obsessed librarian and moving back to music in Season 4

The 6th Day
• He's back (he said he would be). Arnold Sw... Arnold Shw.. Arnie explains what it's like getting a double in his new Christmas blockbuster movie about a society where cloning is all the rage

The Immortal
• Meet the star of the new sword and sorcery series, Lorenzo Lamas. Moving into the gap left by Duncan MacLeod, Lamas talks about playing an undying demon-killer

Crossing Over With John Edward
• Talented psychic John Edward explains how his mind works as we get some hints and tips on how he can reunite us with our loved ones from beyond the grave

Mysterious Ways
• We have a look at the new strange happenings show, as two investigators seek out the truth behind unusual events. The cast and crew tell us more

The War Next Door/Manhattan, AZ
• We pay tribute to two quirky shows that sadly didn't make it far in their lives as the cast and crew explain how these two very different series came about

Xposé Investigates...
• The legends and facts behind the lost continent, Atlantis

  • Reviews
    In this month's reviews, we rate Bedazzled, Blair Witch 2 and Red Planet and give you the opening salvo of the new seasons, from Buffy, Angel and Roswell to The X-Files, Charmed, Freakylinks and Xena.
  • In the News this month: Dark Angel kicks some ratings ass while Freakylinks falls at the first hurdle. Casting calls for Batman continue, Gena Lee Nolin gets a duplicate as Sheena and upcoming Roswell and Angel developments.
  • 10 Things You Never Knew About...
    Eliza Dushku, Faith in Buffy and Angel.
  • Christmas family entertainment in Coming Attractions as Nicolas Cage is taught that the true meaning of happiness requires being a Family Man and Mel Gibson gets some insight into What Women Want.

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