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in this new-look issue of Xposé:

It's our 50th Issue!
• Celebrate with us as we mark our 50 issue landmark with a special feature that looks at the life to date of your favourite magazine! The unfortunate quotes, the reviews we hoped you'd forget, and some dark secrets are... well, exposed

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The X-Files
• She's on her own as the new season starts, but how is Gillian Anderson coping with the changes in the show? We track her down for some thoughts on Robert Patrick, bringing up a child while being on set and hopes for the eighth year of the series

Buffy top trumpsBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• Ever wondered why no one plays top trumps anymore? Well, here's our attempt at a revival as we rate ten of Buffy's greatest villains in a special hard-to-cut-out-and-keep format!

Farscape's Ben Browder Farscape
• At last! This much-requested show makes its début in Xposé as we speak to hunksome lead Ben Browder about two years of weird and wild adventures with the Moya crew

Blair Witch 2's Erica Geerson. Or Leehrsen, possiblyBlair Witch: Book of Shadows
• In search of the truth about the Blair Witch, Wiccan Erica Geerson sets off on an ill-fated tour. We spoke to actress Erica Leerhsen about her role in the much-anticipated sequel

The Invisible Man
• One of the big hits of the summer, The Invisible Man has quickly acquired a following. Former Prey star and lead actor Vincent Ventresca makes himself seen to give his thoughts and wishes about the series so far

Urban Legends: The Final Cut
• After editing, composing and producing, we asked John Ottman about his move to directing with this horror sequel

Hollywood Off-Ramp
• The cast and crew take us on a strange journey outside the bounds of the glitz and glamour of the real Hollywood

Xposé Investigates...
• The science of numerology, which can tell you all about yourself

  • Reviews
    In this month's reviews, we take an advance look at Shadow of the Vampire and rate Highlander: Endgame and Urban Legends: The Final Cut. Plus: the last few episodes of Xena's fifth season considered, and more recent episodes of The Invisible Man and Stargate SG-1
  • The latest News brings excitement for Buffy fans, despondency for Bruce Campbell's legion of followers and general disinterest in the future of Batman. What's wrong with you people?
  • In Coming Attractions, Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson are reunited as one of them splinters and the other is Unbreakable, while Jim Carrey gets heavily made up to steal the festive season in the enthusiastically-named Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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