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yes, Xposé #50!
Original editor David Richardson looks at the history of Xposé

Xpose covers #01 and #50It began in 1997, a magazine dedicated to the unexplained mysteries in both the real world and popular entertainment. We would celebrate movies like Men in Black, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Independence Day and Jurassic Park, explore strange phenomena such as UFOs, mythical creatures, ghosts and magic, and go behind the scenes of popular TV shows, including The X-Files, Psi Factor, Dark Skies and Profiler.

Before long, mystery wasn’t enough – our readers wanted adventure too. So, into our third year, Xposé broadened its remit to include more fantastical entertainment (Xena, Hercules, James Bond, Mission: Impossible), while still retaining the foundations on which the magazine had been built.

What you have is a publishing success story – a journal available every month, (plus four Specials each year), that has now reached its 50th issue. It’s a spectacular landmark that those who initiated the launch of Xposé could never have dared hope for – and a tribute to the new talents who have inherited the magazine, which continues to be read across the globe. Here’s to issue #100!

Did we Get it Right?

Buffy: a lot of funBuffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy is fun. A lot of fun”
John Higley appreciates the pilot episode, Welcome to the Hellmouth, but even he could not have foreseen the massive Slayer phenomenon that would follow…

“It is remarkable when the pop culture – geared for the lowest common denominator – can transcend itself to produce outstanding entertainment for the bubblegum crowd”
John Higley perhaps starting to over-analyze during Buffy’s second season.
We thought it was just fun, eh John?

The Others
“TV networks are notorious for canceling fantasy series before they can establish an audience. Let’s hope that fate will not befall a quality production like this.”
Brian Barratt’s plea to NBC goes unheard.

Total Recall 2070
“Whether this series deserves a second season, I’m not sure.”
After giving the thumbs up, then thumbs down, then thumbs up again, (etc) Paul ‘Decisive is my middle name’ Spragg dithers wildly. Of course, the show gets canceled anyway.

Did they really say that?

David Duchovny
“I remember calling my mother, because she’s back east and the show aired there first. I said, ‘Did you watch the show?’ She said, ‘Yeah, I watched it. You look thin. Are you eating enough?’”
David Duchovny recalls the reaction of his family when he played transvestite FBI agent Denis(e) Bryson in Twin Peaks.

Chris Crowe
“We’re running out of movies!”
The producer of Seven Days, Chris Crowe, explains why, in the future, fewer episodes will be copied from popular feature films.

Things they really shouldn't have said...

TW King
“It’s pure entertainment. I don’t think there’s ever been an action adventure show that got really good reviews”
Timecop star TW King attempts to justify the fact that the show is, actually, total nonsense.

Amanda Tapping
“My astounding lack of sex life is really due to StargateAmanda Tapping – alias Major Sam Carter – provides just too much information.

Xposé exposed

Xposé is Visual Imagination’s most international publication. In addition to the English language version, which is predominantly read in the United States and England, the magazine is produced for France (edited by Tony Crawley) and for Germany (edited by Astrid Schön).

Of course, we’d really like to start up a Spanish version; mainly because we rather fancy some nice long weekends on the Costa del Sol.

Long-serving Xposé columnist Lowell Cunningham must be the richest journalist ever to have worked on the magazine. The rights to his cult comic strip Men in Black were bought by Hollywood and made into the blockbuster movie... Lowell – bogged down in scripting duties – sadly had to bid farewell to writing our news column in order to rake in the big bucks.

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