Issue #49 ships from 31 August UK £2.99 / US $4.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

First Wave
• As season two ends its run across the globe, Sebastian Spence looks back at Cade Foster's progress so far and forward to the next year of anti-alien warfare. Plus, we meet season three's stunning new addition Traci Lords, but is she enemy or ally?

Jennifer Lopez, in the surreal CellThe Cell
• Gorgeous Jennifer Lopez and her co-star Vincent D'Onofrio take us on a guided tour of a serial killer's surreal mindscape in this visually amazing hot new movie, making waves in the US

Scully and (fading out) Mulder, The X-FilesThe X-Files
• Creator (etc.) Chris Carter provides some veiled hints about Season Eight. Will Cancer Man be back? What's happened to Mulder? The truth (or as much as he's willing to tell) is in here

Adrian Paul and Christophe Lambert HighlanderHighlander: Endgame
• The star of Highlander: The Series has made it onto the big screen, to meet his illustrious predecessor. Adrian Paul tells us "It was almost like the series hadn't gone away..."

Cleopatra 2525
• You may recognize him as the back of Kevin Sorbo's head in Hercules, but Patrick Kake has moved on from body doubling to using his own muscular physique as he plays android Mauser in the futuristic sci-fi show

• Will Yun Lee speaks about playing the TV movie's Danny Woo, a murdered cop who returns as a ghost to advise the blade's keeper, and his hopes for a series

Xposé Investigates...
• The world that Mankind hardly ever sees: weird and wonderful creatures that are purported to exist on Earth.

  • Strange Transmissions
    This month's bumper reviews section takes a look through the Hollow Man, and at The Cell, Space Cowboys and The St Francisville Experiment.
    Plus, we check out the latest episodes of The Invisible Man and Stargate SG-1, while reaching the season finales of Good vs Evil, Now and Again, The Others, Cleopatra 2525, Jack of All Trades and First Wave
  • The latest news in Strange Happenings with the coming of Spider-Man, the potential loss of the godlike Bruce Campbell from our screens, more on Star Wars Episode II and Lord of the Rings. plus advance word on the new seasons of The X-Files and Buffy
  • 10 Things You Never Knew About...
    James Marsters, the bleached blond Big Bad of Buffy (A special treat for the girls at www.the11thhour.com)
  • In Coming Attractions, we go deep into the woods in search of piles of twigs in Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, and explore the future of our race, which lies on the Red Planet
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