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Spiderman by Grant KempsterNo sooner has the X-Men hype-machine finally changed down to a lower gear than a certain red and blue super-hero arrives to take pole position. As we briefly reported last month, Pleasantville’s Tobey Maguire has secured the lead in Sam Raimi’s big-screen Spider-Man movie. It’s an event which has kicked the project into a higher gear, attracting all sorts of names and rumors which will no doubt keep these pages filled for a good six months to come!

Over to you, Sam. “What I’d like Spider-Man to be is not a muscleman like Superman or Batman, those stiff characters,” director Raimi told eager fans at the San Diego Comic Con last month, “But rather this very lithe, thin, graceful dancer of a super-hero who performs his ballets 80 storeys up, above the city.”

It was Maguire’s pre-screen-test workout regime which eventually managed to convince executives that he was the man for the role... Since then, pre-production has sped ahead, with its star being put under all sorts of trials and tribulations, as he told Time magazine. “They put some kinda grease on my body and then layer after layer of this… stuff,” Maguire said of his body-casting experience. “When it hardens, they take it off, and it’s a bit painful ’cause I have hair on my body.” Nothing worse than a big hairy spider-Tobey.

I’d Rather Jack

Could it be true? Has USA decided to cancel our Bruce’s fantastic show Jack of All Trades? Well, if current rumors are to be believed then yes, they have! A growing band of Jack fans have been deluging Studios USA with pleas to keep Jack alive, accompanied by a plastic cocktail sword.

Bruce is shocked‘The fans are attempting to show support in the way the WB show Roswell was saved by showing distributors the true size, extent and loyalty of the viewing audience,’ a press release from the Jack fans elaborated. ‘Their efforts are new but growing fast, as the cocktail sword is becoming the theme of the whole campaign.’ The final verdict on the show will come on September 23rd, and you’re guaranteed that Xposé will be camping out on the almighty Bruce’s doorstep to find out what happens.

Exciting Matrix

The script for the second bout of Matrix fun has finally been finished by the brothers Wachowski, and not only has Keanu Reeves read it, but he’s very excited about it indeed.

“It’s fantastic,” he told USA Today. “It has even more ambitions than the first one. My character is more developed. There are a lot of physical demands in it. It’s more sophisticated in the action sequences and fight sequences.” Reeves won’t be absorbing himself into the Matrix until November, when he will be showing up for the start of a rigorous training routine to prepare him for the back-to-back sequels which begin shooting in March next year.


Basking in the limelight afforded to them by the success of Bryan Singer’s X-Men, actors Tyler Mane and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos have both signed on to star in the Rollerball remake (which recently suffered a set fire), alongside Jean Reno, Chris Klein and LL Cool J.

Also, as Courtney Love drops out of John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars with an injured ankle, Famke Janssen was all set to jump in as the lead until Species beauty Natasha Henstridge pipped her to the post. As yet we have no news on what either James Marsden or Hugh Jackman are up to, but expect some high-profile roles coming their way.

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