Issue #48 ships from 8 August UK £2.99 / US $4.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

Highlander: Endgame
• Our intrepid Highlander writer (a die-hard fan) packs his katana to meet both MacLeods - Adrian Paul and Christophe Lambert - on location in Romania. Plus words from their co-stars, and director Doug Aarniokoski talks in London about the movie that revamps the franchise. But in the end, will there be only one?

Xena and JoxerXena: Warrior Princess
• The mighty Joxer (in his eyes at least) talks through his time on the show, and his fateful final appearances in season five, through the mouth of actor Ted Raimi

• The genuinely mighty mutants have finally made it to the big screen and taken the world by Storm! (Do you see what we've done there?) We get the inside story from director Bryan Singer and the cast of the massive summer blockbuster, including Patrick Stewart

Gillian Anderson ©Sue Schneider/Moonglow PhotosThe X-Files
• With a couple of months to go before the eighth season begins, we answer the top 20 questions which have been playing across the lips of fans about what to expect, given recent events...

The St Francisville Experiment
• Four people are sent into a building believed to be haunted. We discover what happened to them and ask: apart from the sequel, could this movie be the year's Blair Witch Project?

J Street, meet AugurEarth: Final Conflict
• Changes in store for the fourth season as Augur hands over the hi-tech reins to a new maestro. Richard Chevolleau talks about his reduced role, and we meet newcomer Melinda Deines - the hip and happenin' J Street

Xposé Investigates...
• The power of pyramids. What can they do for you?

  • Strange Transmissions
    This month's reviews section takes a look at X-Men, and the end of the season for Roswell, The X-Files, Earth: Final Conflict, Seven Days and Charmed. There's also a major eight-episode round-up of First Wave, while we check out what's happening in the worlds of Stargate SG-1, The Invisible Man, Good vs Evil, The Others, Cleopatra 2525 & Jack of All Trades.
  • The latest news in Strange Happenings, including Outer Limits props and costumes up for grabs, future comic-based films boosted by X-Men, latest Lord of the Rings gossip, and Wells' Time Machine re-acquired...
  • 10 Things You Never Knew About...
    The stunning Alyssa Milano, sexy star of Charmed
  • In Coming Attractions, we visit the future for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his clones in The 6th Day and settle down for some rubber monster mayhem with Godzilla 2000
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