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Choice morsels from our news section, covering the world of the fantastic selected from Xposé #48


Outer this worldHave you ever felt that you want to own a piece of history? Well, your chance has finally arrived in the shape of an auction of items from all six years of The Outer Limits. So if you’ve ever wanted to get into Heather Graham’s clothes (and who could blame you?), own your own Martian bug, slip into a robot suit last seen on Lou Diamond Phillips, or try to get a time-traveling watch to work for you, then your moment has come.

All these items (a mere selection from over 400) will be available for auction at (find it via, where bidding runs until early September, so make sure you’ve got plenty of credit left! But do tell your mom/dad/significant other before he or she wakes to find a 10-foot suit of battle armor in the living room.

Marvelous Result

The incredible success of X-Men means that all the long-stalled Marvel projects, which have been waiting in the wings since I was knee-high to Tom Cruise, can finally get the green light.

Tom Cruise IS Captain America. Possibly.Talking of the Cruiser, he is the latest buzz-word actor to have his name forsaken in all kinds of high-profile projects, and in this case it’s the long-awaited cinematic outing for Captain America. “First, we have to do the script, and then we will send it to him,” Marvel honcho Avi Arad told Cinescape Online. “We don’t want to go with an unknown. Captain America is too visible a character. It’s definitely going to be someone high profile.” So let me just get this straight, they want Tom Cruise to play a 6’2” blonde guy? Still, look at Interview with the Vampire, amazing what some peroxide and a couple of blocks of wood can do!

Running RIngs

As actors return one by one from Middle Earth, or rather New Zealand, more and more information about the fantastic production of Lord of the Rings is beginning to appear. Firstly, at a packed Dragon Con, genre favorite Brad Dourif (Wormtongue) elaborated a little on what’s going on Down Under.

“They had people on the shoot like Christopher Lee, who knew Tolkien,” said Dourif to a packed panel audience at the recent event. “He’s been around a while. He loves the books; he’s read them every single year, and he’s correcting everybody. He runs down to all the people whose job it is to get it right, and he corrects them; he gives them lessons. I had to work with him, and I didn’t want to be wrong. Not with Dracula.”

Wells Retrieves Time Machine

The great-grandson of HG Wells, director Simon Wells (Prince of Egypt) is in negotiation to helm the long-expected remake of his ancestor’s greatest story The Time Machine. Wells told Variety recently, “It’s getting the family hands back on the project,” and that “The Time Machine is enormously to my sensibility.” If Wells snaps up the assignment (and, quite frankly, what better publicity could the film get?) he’ll be working alongside Gladiator scribe John Logan.

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