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Hollywood Goes Ape!

Mark Wahlberg, signing up to jolly apes?At last things seem to be kicking into a higher gear on the Planet of the Apes re-make, as clever director Tim Burton has begun location scouting in Honolulu. The simian movie is apparently not going to be a straight lift of the original concept; there’ll be a touch of monkeying around, and Burton seems set to change the film’s title to The Visitor.

“My films are not shot in the most beautiful locations,” he told the Honolulu Star Bulletin. “This is really an uneasy feeling. But honestly, we’re just looking around. The stage we’re in right now with this film is to think and dream and look. Once you get going on a film you don’t get a chance ever to sit and appreciate a place.”

If the hypnotizing visuals in Sleepy Hollow are anything to go by, we’re all in for a giant-sized treat, but who will be joining the magnificent director during his anthropoid adventures? All set to go up to bat at present is everyone’s favorite ex-rapper Mark (don’t call me Marky) Wahlberg.

“Tim is the kind of guy where I just say yes to anything he wants me to do,” Wahlberg told Cinescape Online. “I did say, ‘What kind of ape do you want me to play?’ and Tim said, ‘You’re the human.’” Production is scheduled to begin in the fall on the epic movie which has an awful lot to live up to, but knowing Tim, I’m sure he’ll make us all very proud.

Tick Talk

People have been talking plenty about Fox’s new live action version of The Tick which is based on the cult comic book (and subsequent cartoon) of the same name.

The TickWhile talking to New England Comics’ Website, Tick creator Ben Edland said of the show’s star Patrick Warburton: “Patrick was really good. Like he really got into this role. He invested himself and managed to wear this costume for, like, five days straight, basically, every day being strapped into this thing. It was really hot. We had to keep the studio chilled in order for him to not collapse. It was a lot of work.”

The comics series, which concerns crossword creator Neville Ned who breaks out of a mental hospital and becomes the invulnerable superhero in blue and protector of The City, has become a cult success since the character’s emergence in 1986, and has gone on to become a huge phenomenon.

Star Wars Episode II Update

All sorts of exciting bits and pieces of news have begun to arrive since Mr Star Wars, George Lucas, set foot on Antipodean soil. The Australian shoot for Episode II, which has been underway since June 26, is planned to go on for two months, wrapping in September just prior to the Olympic games. After that it’s off to Italy, possibly Spain and finally Tunisia where George will be returning to Tatouine, the area 300 miles south of Tunis, where he filmed much of the first movie.

Meanwhile, a few other tasty Jedi secrets have been escaping the mouths of the otherwise secretive actors. While talking to Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2, Ewan MacGregor let it slip that he may be donning a beard for his portrayal of Obi-Wan this time around. Also during the British media frenzy, Samuel L Jackson told presenters of Channel 4's The Big Breakfast that he had a really big fight scene in the next film, a fact that Lucas backed up when he informed TV Guide Online, “This film involves more Jedi and Samuel’s got a great fight in the next one. That’s all I can tell you.”

Rumors also abound that the latest addition to the Jedi council will be NYPD Blue actor Jimmy Smits (he's now confirmed, along with the surprise casting of Christopher Lee - Web Ed.)

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