Issue #45 ships from 11 May UK £2.99 / US $4.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

David Duchovny The X-Files
• What's its like to direct your own wife in your series? Is his new movie, Return to Me, any good? Will he return to Mulder? We ask the man who knows: the mighty David Duchovny

Bill Cobbs broods over The OthersThe Others
• Bill Cobbs talks about the spooky, underrated NBC show as we gain some insight into the character of Elmer Greentree, founding father and mentor to The Others

Kevin Smith as AresXena: Warrior Princess
• He's got a new meaner haircut and he's desperately trying to stop the final demise of his kind. We spoke to Xena's Ares, actor Kevin Smith, about the twilight of the gods. See episode review

Bobbie Phillips: could she commit Murder One?Chameleon III
• Bobbie Phillips expands her genre credits beyond The X-Files, Murder One and The Crow with her third appearance as Kam in the latest UPN TV movie

• Indulge in some cops and vampires as Elisabeth Rohm discusses Detective Kate's off-not-really-on relationship with the vampiric detective

• The much-requested episode guide starts with a look way back to the very first season of the parallel universe adventures of Quinn Mallory and friends

Now and Again
• Creator Glenn Gordon Caron reflects on year one of this critical success, realizing that his show is brilliant!

The Invisible Man
• We preview the upcoming Sci-Fi series which gives a modern take on the old now you see him, now you don't concept, with former Prey star Vincent Ventresca

Xposé Investigates...
• More ghostly action as we investigate real-life hauntings.

  • This month's Strange Transmissions features Mission to Mars and Final Destination in theaters and a look at recent TV, including the season finale of Stargate SG-1, the return of Faith in Buffy and revelations about Mulder's sister in The X-Files
  • The latest news in Strange Happenings includes Lord of the Rings making an immediate splash and the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 10 Things You Never Knew About...
    Sebastian Spence, the man who spends his days hunting aliens as the star of First Wave
  • In Coming Attractions we look ahead to Dungeons and Dragons and the latest Crow film, Salvation
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