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Choice morsels from our news section, covering the world of the fantastic selected from Xposé #45

Rings Beats Wars

Remember all that fuss a while back when the Star Wars: Episode I trailer was released on the Net? The long-awaited footage scored an amazing one million hits within the space of 24 hours! Which is no surprise when you think that the public had been waiting for 16 years to see it.

Lord of the Rings material - now showing...So what happens when you’ve been waiting essentially a whole lifetime for something like The Lord of the Rings? Well, when footage and behind-the-scenes moments and effects were released in April in the form of a trailer over at the official website (, it scored an amazing 1.7 million hits; a taste of box-office takings perhaps?

Ultraviolet Cast

Eric Thal (Snow Falling on Cedars) and Spence Decker (Mercury Falls) have been tipped as the leads in the US version of the successful UK vampire series Ultraviolet. The pilot, which will also star Madchen Amick (Twin Peaks) and Joanna Going (Inventing the Abbots), will run along the same lines as the UK pilot with a cop investigating the death of his friend, only to find an underground society of vampires of questionable morals. But at least they’re sociable.

Logan to Run Again

Cast your mind back to 1976 and a film called Logan’s Run, and, if you can stand it, the 14 episodes of the unsuccessful TV spin-off series, which saw Gregory Harrison taking on the title role from Michael York. Now you’ve got that in your mind, guess what? There’s going to be a re-make.

Based on the novel by William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, the idea centered around the future race of Earth, all of whom aren’t allowed to live past the age of 30 (looking at Xposé’s editor, I’d have to agree with that one!). Should anyone try to escape from the main city, a ‘Sandman’ would be sent to capture them, and one of those Sandmen is Logan. The new movie at present has writer/ director/producer Skip Woods attached, who, along with Joel Silver, should be giving the cult franchise a much-needed revamp.

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